April 1, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

A trip to the ER

his week has felt like a pretty lazy one for me, seeing as we have only done a little bit of tracting.

On Tuesday we had another lesson with Avani and Dev, in which we actually taught them the whole restoration lesson. They are both interested and willing to learn which makes teaching them fun, although it was a bit of a challenge to stay on topic. Unfortunately our lesson with them on Friday fell through and he wasn't home Sunday morning either. Every time we go over there we try knocking on the Affonso's door and we try calling and messaging periodically, but can't seem to get a hold of them.

We had another lesson with Fred that was very pleasant and yet didn't lead to any significant breakthroughs.

We've started up a group chat with Jerimy to share insights from our studies with each other and encourage him to get back in the habit of studying the scriptures regularly. He'll be moving to Fishers in the next month, so we're going to work on having a smooth transition there.

We had our second conversation with a guy named Joshua who friends with one of Jerimy's roommates. Joshua is really at a turning point in his life, as he's seen a lot of signs recently that have been pointing him to christianity, and he recognizes why he needs God in his life. He's a lot of fun to talk with. We are going to try to teach him the restoration tomorrow when we go over.

Yesterday after church Elder Pugmire felt an unusually sharp pain in his abdomen, so I had him call our mission nurse Sister Potter who was worried that it was appendicitis. He didn't think it was because he had felt that sort of sensation before just to a lesser degree, but, as instructed, we got a ride from Brother Phillips to the emergency room and one CT scan and a couple other tests later they concluded that it wasn't appendicitis. They found a couple slightly weird things, but nothing that could cause the pain he was describing, so they gave him a proscription for a mild pain medication and sent him on his way. The pain slowly subsided throughout the evening.

That made for a somewhat exciting evening but it was frustrating how unhelpful that whole visit was. He has an appointment scheduled with a GI doctor so hopefully he'll be able to explain what's wrong.

In the mean time we'll just continue to avoid being out and about to much.

I'll probably call from the apartment, (not going to mess around with the video this time) sometime around 2 or 2:30.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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