March 18, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Pugmire

Now I'm the district leader

Wow. Your situation down in Mexico sounds utterly insane. After reading through the description of the HOA meeting it sounds like everything will soon be under control, but... I mean... what in the world were they thinking? I hope your vacation is relaxing and fun from here on out now that the immediate business is out of the way. Those pictures you sent are really neat. It's funny how that scenery feels like home to me.

My first week with Elder Pugmire has been great. As it turns out he is not as completely green as expected. He is from Clarckston Utah and served a mission in the Quezon City Philippines mission for a little bit before getting sick and having to come home. He was in the Utah MTC for 3 weeks, the Philippines MTC for 3 weeks and in the field for roughly 6 weeks. He had a roughly 4 month gap in Utah before being sent here, and for some of that time he worked in the Ogden Utah mission office helping with computer coding and various odd jobs.

This week we've had lessons with Doris, Fred, Jerimy and Ahbilash and practice lessons with Brother Phillips and the Davis family. Our lesson with Ahbilash was especially valuable I think, since we were able to get right to the heart of what his concerns are and then could testify to him that if he seriously studies the Book of Mormon, takes time to think about the message it contains and then prays to know if it is from God that he can learn what no one other than God can tell him about it.

Elder Pugmire got a bike from the mission office but it took a few days for us to get a helmet and put it in working order so for the first couple days we were doing a lot of walking which seems to have aggravated the back and stomach pain/issues that he got in the Phillipines. Our mission nurse advised us to limit our physical activity where possible and basically take it easy for a while. We haven't missed an appointment yet, and I think we have done a good job of staying productive. It's amazing how hard it is to fit everything we need to do into our schedule even when we avoid doing anything strenuous.

We had dinner with the Humistons on Friday and since Brother Humiston is a doctor he tried diagnosing Elder Pugmire and had a hard time pinning down what exactly had happened to him, but had a few general suggestions. Jerimy has some severe back pain problems of his own and let Elder Pugmire try out his inversion bench when we went over with Peter Humiston on Saturday.

The weather turned beautiful on Tuesday. I couldn't believe how great the weather felt at the beginning of the week and I'm sure Elder Pugmire thought I was exaggerating a little until it snowed yesterday morning. The weather was a bit bipolar this week.

Sometime mid-week the Zionsville Elders were emergency transferred out of Zionsville (I still don't know why) so now the Westfield Elders are covering both areas and I am the new district leader. That was an interesting surprise. Shouldn't be much extra work though since we only have one other set of elders and two sets of sisters in our district.

All in all the first week of training has gone well. Elder Pugmire is a competent teacher and he's picking up on how to tract pretty quickly. That said I'm beginning to notice a correlation between the amount of travelling and tracting that we do with how well Elder Pugmire's stomach feels the following morning, so we might be in reduced tracting mode for quite a while.

Given that the church is a 30 minute ride from here and the library is an 8 minute ride (16 if on foot) from here we will probably try getting a study room in the library and see if calling from there works. See you soon.

Love, Elder Robertson


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