March 4, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Greenhalgh

Winter's back!

Dear family,

Not a ton of excitement (and I don't have my journal with me) so I'll keep this one short.

The weather has been doing weird things lately. It was feeling like spring for a good long while and then yesterday the temperature started dropping and snow started falling and now we're back in the thick of winter all of the sudden. It looks like the temperature is going to be slowly crawling back upwards all week. Last Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder Topham in Keystone, and this coming Wednesday we have zone conference which is exciting.

In our lesson this week with Fred we discussed revelation, (what it is, how it works, why we need it, etc.) and we used Elder Bednar's April 2011 talk about it. One line in particular stood out to me this time. "Most frequently, revelation comes in small increments over time and is granted according to our desire, worthiness, and preparation." That seems to put a new layer of perspective to Moroni 10:4 sincere heart => desire, real intent => preparation, faith in Christ => worthiness.

This upcoming week we'll find out what our transfer calls are. I've been here for 2 transfers and Elder Greenhalgh has been here for 3, so anything is possible this time around, but the most likely two options are 1) us both staying 2) Elder Greenhalgh getting replaced.

Things are going quite well by Keystone standards but finding new investigators is always going slower than I'd like. I'm excited for daylight savings time.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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