February 25, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Greenhalgh

Brand new bike!

Happy Monday,

The big news this week is that I have a new bike. We talked to Elder Davis about what the procedure is now that the insurance company had sent us the money, and he told us that the mission wanted to maintain the supply of loaner bikes they had, so on Saturday morning he picked us up, and we went down to Carmel Cyclery and bought a new road bike. It's bright green, which should help me be a little more visible. The bike we ended up getting turned out to be exactly the same bike that the guy at the shop used to give me a damages estimate, so the cheque was for the same amount that the bike cost. After that, Elder Davis loaded up the broken bike and the blue bike and took them back to the mission office. I've got to say, it's been feeling pretty nice to be riding on a new bike. I've been working a lot less to go the same distance than when I was on the blue bike.

We had interviews with President Carlson on Tuesday and there was a lot of similarity about his advice for each of the investigators I asked him about. To make a long conversation short, he basically told me that they need to catch sight of the great blessings that are available to them, but that they do not currently possess, most particularly, they each need a better understanding of the gift of the Holy Ghost. In that line of thinking, in our last lesson with Fred we taught about what the priesthood is and what blessings stem from it, with an emphasis on the gift of the Holy Ghost.

We've had only very limited contact with the Affonsos these last two weeks because Luis has been working every day.

On Thursday morning we realized with a shock that we had nothing planned except lunch at Brother Chapital's house, and that he lived at the far southeast end of our area, which is about a 1 hour and 40 minutes ride away. Consequently we decided to use that as an excuse for spending the entire day on another expedition to the south and push off weekly planning until Friday. Lunch was really good, and there were a handful of other core ward members there. Before lunch we tried to stop by a former investigator, and as we got there, when I stepped off my bike and looked up, I locked eyes with a hawk that was perched awfully close. When it tried to fly off we saw that it had a messed up left wing.

On a similar note, on Friday, we encountered a shivering Yorkie puppy while tracting in the morning. We ended up passing it off to a guy who said he could find out who the owners were through the neighborhood watch system.

Yesterday we had a windy day. The evening was quite pleasant. When we got to the neighborhood where we were going to tract we went first to the members that lives there to ask them about their neighbors/ask for referrals. They had only recently moved to that house, and they didn't have much to tell us, so we left them with a short spiritual thought. Having been nicely warmed back up in those 10 minutes, we went to their next door neighbor and had a good 15 minute, or so, long conversation with her about the restoration. It was especially awesome since it had been a few days since we had met someone interested in having us come back later. The rest of the neighborhood went by fairly quickly, and then when the police politely asked us to head home for the night a bit early, that gave us the time to bake some brownies. This encounter with the police was a little worrying, because neither of the officers understood how 'solicitation' is defined under the local ordinance which hadn't been a problem in Eagle creek. I suppose we could carrying around a copy of it in case we meet those particular policemen again.

I think those are probably the highlights of the week. There was also a PofS lesson with Jerimy and a ward games night that we ducked out on early because none of our investigators came, but there's not much else to say about those...

Love, Elder Robertson.


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