February 18, 2019


Keystone Ward


Elder Greenhalgh

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Dear Family and Friends,

This has been a remarkable week in lots of ways. It was especially nice of the missionary department to loosen up the rules about calling home. I've got to say it came as quite a great morale booster on Friday when we got the news.

On Tuesday after spending most of the day moving the Fishers 3rd ward sisters into their new apartment (which is actually in their area) we went to stop by a potential investigator named Kent. We had been keeping in touch with him over text quite a bit but he had stopped responding and we were worried something had happened. We knocked on his door a couple times and I thought it was time to leave, although Elder Greenhalgh didn't really want to for some reason. We decided to knock on some of his neighbor's doors and come back in half an hour. When we did so it was the same story as the last time. We knocked once, then twice, then a third time, and I again was starting to walk away although Elder Greenhalgh was still staring intently at the door. Then, after a long pause he said "Kent it's the Elders" and almost immediately Kent opened the door and we had a nice long talk. It turns out his cellphone had broken and he was still interested in coming to church with us, although he won't be able to for a couple more weeks. I am grateful for moments of guidance like that and particularly that Elder Greenhalgh was aware of that direction when it came.

That same evening we were invited in by a very nice Muslim family. We taught them the restoration, and after we gave them a Book of Mormon, they gave us a Qur'an.

Luis has been incredibly busy with his work this week and will be this coming week as well. We taught him about the restoration of the priesthood and priesthood blessings yesterday. He told us that he feels very blessed right now, and although he is very busy, it is good because he needs the work.

Fred came to church yesterday, but Jerimy had back pain that prevented him from doing the same.

We taught Abilash the rapid-fire version of the first half of the plan of salvation with Brother Dodge there. Brother Dodge was a great help with answering questions clearly and Abilash actually studied the chapter we assigned and had meaningful questions about it, which makes all the difference.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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