February 4, 2019



Elder Greenhalgh

Another bike accident!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks for telling me all about the big Skoki trip. I have nothing but fond memories of that place and I'm glad you had a great time this year! I remember going to that train station restaurant at some point, so that was probably in the same trip. It's so awful that it ended with so much bodily harm though. Your descriptions of each other are pretty rough. I hope you both make swift recoveries.

I've had a really nice week. We were instructed not to be out on bikes or on foot for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, but there was somehow plenty of work to keep us busy anyways. It helps to have a gigantic digital areabook, because if we didn't know what to do we could always just call potential investigators. Elder/Brother Caringer had to temporarily come home to Carmel for a surgery partway through his mission, and he's been a huge help with driving us wherever we need to go. On Tuesday he came to a lesson with us, and on Wednesday and Friday we were with him all evening stopping by people in the south end of our area.

We figured out a way to use those Buckeyball magnets for a post-dinner spiritual thought and used it on Tuesday with the Bailey kids. If you've ever seen that object lesson with the full and empty pop-cans that shows how being filled with the Spirit strengthened against trials and temptations (Moroni 8:26 and Helaman 5:12) It was pretty much that, with two identical dense 14-sided blocks of magnets one of which has it's core missing. After sharing the scripture and explaining what it means to be 'filled' and how we can be stay 'full' from day to day, we had one of the young boys squeeze both objects and see how one was completely destroyed almost beyond repair and how one couldn't be damaged that way.

On Tuesday Fred Swift took us out to lunch at Steak'nShake, and then because he knew we didn't have anything more important to be doing he gave us a tour through city hall and introduced us to several people. The mayor was in a meeting, but if he hadn't been, Fred would've introduced us to the guy responsible for all the roundabouts and statues. It turns out to have been a fortunate coincidence that Fred took us there because one of the secretaries there is the member in charge of the addiction recovery program in the area so we got all of the information related to that. Our lesson with Fred on Friday really just established what we already sort of knew. Fred comes to church regularly and reads the Book of Mormon and prays, but is spinning his wheels about deciding whether or not to believe the message is true.

Luis cancelled our church tour on Friday right before we were about to go over to the church and then didn't return our calls on Saturday or Sunday which was odd, so on Sunday evening we walked over to his apartment to say hello. We had a really good chat with him. He works long and really random hours, which was why they couldn't make our appointment, or come to church this week. We talked a lot about his work and his country. Apparently Venezuela is in a gigantic mess right now, which has the Affonsos worried about their extended family. He said he would have to let us know when our next appointment would be sometime today.

On Saturday the snow all turned to slush and on Sunday it felt like a beautiful spring day in the upper 50s. We have to keep reminding ourselves that it's only the beginning of February.

On our bike ride over to the church a couple hours ago I got hit by a car again. This time in an even more unlikely scenario. I was riding behind Elder Greenhalgh by about a car-length on a sidewalk and a car that had come to a full stop to let him go past, began to move forward right after because the driver didn't see me somehow. He hit my bike on the left side and I rolled away without a scratch on me. My left arm might be a little sore tomorrow because I rolled on it, but that's all. The bike surprisingly looks just fine, but both wheels seized up, so both front and back brakes are broken. The driver gave us his info and a lift to the church where we're writing emails and playing piano. I've been asked to play a special musical number next week so I'm going to do the Marvin Goldstein version of 'My Heavenly Father Loves Me'. Brother Salisbury is going to give us a lift to the Bike shop on Rangeline at around 4:30. As far as bike accidents go I'd say this one went pretty well. The guy said I landed "with grace and aplomb". I think he was more shaken up than I was.

...well, that's my week. Good to hear from you as always.

Love, Elder Robertson


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