December 31, 2018



Elder Greenhalgh

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It has been an awesome week! Between all the good food, great gifts, and the large quantity of chocolate, It was a remarkably good few days although it was an awfully weird Christmas due to me being away from home. Thanks a ton for each of the packages. That caligraphy piece is awesome.
On the 26th we had a practice lesson on 'learning and serving in the church' to a mostly active member named Brother Philips. He served a mission in Chile, looks a lot like Santa, spent Christmas day playing D&D with his relatives, and had a lot of cool insights. He didn't have much critique to give us on our teaching, so I guess we're doing something well.
On the 27th we had a lesson on faith with Fred.
On the 28th we tracted into a guy named Ian that technically now is the first 'new investigator' this area has had in 7 weeks.
On the 29th we had an awesome restoration lesson with a self-referral named Sam. Sam is 19 years old, and first heard of the Book of Mormon from the Book of Mormon play. He does not have strong faith in God, but has seen the positive influence of religion in other people's lives and wants that in his, so he has been searching for a church to join. He is open to the message of the restoration and we had a great discussion about the Holy Ghost and how to seek and find truth. I think he has a ton of potential, but unfortunately he is moving soon to go to university so we will only have one more lesson with him before we pass him off. I baked that cake during lunch and we ate about half of it after dinner. We had a fairly successful tracting session that evening and were quite confused and then pleasantly surprised when the pizza guy showed up that evening. I definitely didn't expect that one.
We were surprised yesterday to hear from Sam's referral sisters again, this time telling us that a Spanish-speaking man named Luis we had tracted into on the 29th had actually searched up and wanted to meet with us and come to church. From what the sisters told us he seems golden, provided we can sort out the moderate language barrier that apparently isn't as bad as Luis made it seem when we first talked to him. We will be meeting with him and his wife this evening and will be facetiming in the referral sisters to translate as necessary.
Today it rained like crazy as we were biking to meatfest at the church (a men only potluck) so we've been here several hours and are almost dry now.
All in all it seems like the work is picking up a little in this area and everything is going good. I hope you all are having a great New Years Eve.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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