November 19, 2018



Sione Hafoka

Freezing rain and a baptismal interview

Dear Everybody,

I don't have my journal with me, so I'm working purely from memory and Areabook today. The freezing rain came on Thursday and we were told to stay in until noon, which was what we were planning on anyways since Thursday is the day we do weekly planning, so it didn't mess with our plans any. Other than that the weather has been fairly good, typically hovering over freezing, so we've been able to keep warm. Last week when we went shopping for bike tires I got better lights than what the bike came with, so that's been nice.

Last Thursday we went through the baptismal interview questions with Ta'Janee Boyett so she now knows that she's ready for baptism. The next time we came by we talked about dates and she decided to pencil in December 14th as her baptismal date which I think is an appropriate distance out. She came to church for the first time on the 11th and loved it, but something came up this week and she couldn't come. Church attendance is definitely going to be her biggest hurdle. Her brother Jeff has been making excuses and is being lazy, so he hasn't been progressing at all. I'm not sure what to do about that.

The other cool thing that happened this week was that on Tuesday we had our first actual lesson with Cynthia and Herman since September 18th. With the move over, the car fixed, and the surgeries done their life has finally settled down enough that I think they will stop cancelling appointments as frequently from now on. Herman has come to church by himself on two occasions in the last few weeks, but Cynthia has not been making a comparable effort to attend. She expressed concerns during the lessons that she did not think she had felt the Holy Ghost, so we spent a sizable portion of the lesson discussing that. We intend to start teaching the new member lessons with them starting this Tuesday.

We picked up a couple former investigators this week by going through Areabook Planner and calling a large number of them. We've also had to go through and begin deciding who of our current investigators need to be dropped, so this week has felt like a bit of a transition in our focus.

The ward is putting on a turkey bowl on Thursday, so I'll have to have Elder Hafoka teach me the rules before then... It seems strange, but I really have no memory of ever playing football.

Merry turkey day.
Love, Elder Robertson.


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