November 12, 2018



Sione Hafoka

Merry Monday!

Merry Monday,

It's been a crazy week around here. Elder Hafoka is a great guy and I can tell we're going to work well together. He's from Sandy Utah and his dad is Tongan. He was initially called to the Cincinnati Ohio mission but when the boundaries got redrawn he was serving in the Muncie zone and got moved over. He'll be coming up on his 1 year mark this January. Elder Hafoka did quite a bit of work with inactives in his last area and we've set a goal for having more members come along with us to our lessons. He's really excited to be in a city area again.

We lost our Malibu at transfers and we are now sharing a Rogue with Elder Kinross and Elder Gamble. What that meant for this week was that we were on bikes from Wednesday to Saturday.

On Wednesday as we were biking home a lady that I thought was stopping decided to turn right on the red light and didn't see me. She hit the front half of my front tire with her car bending it out of shape, but we were both moving pretty slow so the bike is otherwise ok and I just sort of jumped off the back of the bike and didn't even fall over. From Thursday to Saturday I was riding on Elder Kinross's bike. On Friday Elder Hafoka's back tire started wobbling and we found that almost all of his spokes were loose. We were given a ride home and put my bike's back tire on his bike.

Today, since we share a car, we went shopping with the zone leaders and then drove up with them to Carmel because Elder Kinross had a doctor's appointment relating to his diabetes. While they were there, we drove to a bike shop and did some shopping. I'm told that I'll probably be able to get a refund for the wheel from that lady's insurance company.

The reason we're writing so late is because we were out and about all day. I'm not sure if next week's email will be in the morning or afternoon.

As far as actual missionary work is concerned, we were able to have a good discussion with Maury, and also with Rhashee, for the first time in quite a while, so those were exciting, and Jeff's sister Ta'Janee came to church and had a great time, but mostly we've been running around trying to find our investigators.

I've discovered the joy of scarves. It's amazing how much they help.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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