November 5, 2018



Mike Roundy

I'm getting a new companion!

Well, this has been my last week with Elder Roundy. I'll be sad to see him leave, but shaking things up a bit with a new companion will be good for me. Going on exchanges with other companionships is always valuable because I learn new ways of teaching/doing things and I expect switching companions will have the same effect albeit more so. My new companion's name will be Elder Sione Hafoka and Elder Roundy will be moving up to Lafayette to be companions with Elder Fleming, who happens to be his second greenie. Elder Roundy is excited to leave Eagle Creek and given that he's been here since April I can't blame him.

On the subject of my Christmas wish list, the only other thing I've thought of is a couple more pairs of thick warm socks for when winter gets really bad.

We had zone conference on Halloween and that was a lot of fun. I feel like I understand the idea of a spiritual feast a lot better now, because I genuinely felt a lot better and more grounded after zone conference than I did before. We had three zones present so all of Elder Roundy's trainees were there.

I got the new journal this week. Thanks a ton! That will work great. We always use the back door, so we don't know how long it was sitting on our doorstep before our neighbor told us about it :/ Oh well, it worked out just fine.

No significant developments with Kim and Kelli this week. They were sad when they found out Elder Roundy was leaving but they appreciated us stopping by yesterday so they could say goodbye.

To make a very long, convoluted and bizarre story short Mary didn't come to church and then dropped us again last night. It sucks but I don't think there's anything more we can do besides put in a reminder for 6 months from now to have missionaries tract that area again.

On Tuesday we put an 18 year old named Javon on date for Dec 7th. He said that his brother and mother would also be interested in our message and when we talked to his mom Natalie a few days later she confirmed that, but we haven't seen Javon since Tuesday. Natalie told us his schedule last night so we should be able to start actually teaching them in earnest this week.

Have fun with the BMW and Mazatlan.

Love, Elder Robertson.

From left to right: me (4th), Elder Clark (1st), Elder Henderson (3rd), Elder Roundy, and Elder Fleming (2nd)


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