October 29, 2018



Mike Roundy

"Light the World" already?

Happy Halloween!

One of the strangest things to happen this week was watching the training video on how to use the Light the World campaign in missionary work the day before the ward Halloween party. Elder Roundy felt justified in his Christmas spirit that he's been exuding since July. Tis the season. The ward's trunk or treat night was lots of fun. Almost everyone was going the extra mile with their costumes and car decorations. Elder Roundy claimed we were dressed up as solicitors. Brother Tingey had a sign over his truck that said "CEMETARY" with a green "N" painted over the "T". It took me a minute to get the joke.
I bet switching from Halloween Central on 6th street to 90% fewer people in Jaffray will be weird.

In the last two weeks we have found a total of two bedbugs and three 1.5" long centipede like things. So... yeah. Tis the season for that too I guess.

Last Monday with Matt and Dominic we addressed their questions about same-sex marriage and eternal marriage. They recognize that marriage between a man and a woman is the ideal setting, but question why same-sex marriage is not better than staying single throughout mortality as a 'next best alternative' in situations where the ideal is not attainable. We plan to wrap up our discussion of the law of chastity this evening and determine whether they are willing to actively seek to know if this is the will of the Lord for them as given through His prophets.

Something cool I found in my studies a couple days ago was seeing the similarities and differences between Hebrews 11 and Ether 12. Paul and Moroni are making similar points about the power of faith, using lots of examples, but Moroni then ties the concept of faith to trials, humility, hope and charity in a concise and powerful way.

Kim opened up more about her fears that her family is being punished for her sins, so we spent time talking about the atonement, forgiveness, Job, and why we face trials. We found out that she has been reading Revelation a lot during the last few years and encouraged her to focus on scriptures that teach less about what will happen and more about how to prepare and improve.

Neither the Boyetts nor the Deahs came to church yesterday, but Mary Davis did, and in our lesson last night she told us that she felt at home in this ward and that she wanted to join. We taught her the plan of salvation and about baptism, and then put her on date for November 24.

Herman had cataract surgery on one eye and getting the other done in about a week. He was looking pretty sharp at church with a leather jacket and dark shades. He said that his feet have been feeling a lot better, and that he finally has his medication dosage figured out.

It's been a pretty good week all things considered. I'll be spending most of Halloween at Zone Conference, and we've been asked to be indoors after sundown so that'll be good. Hope you all have a bunch of fun this year.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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