October 22, 2018



Mike Roundy

No more bedbugs!

Hello everyone,

First things first:
I haven't seen any bedbugs this week, so if they're here their numbers have been substantially depleted.
Elder Roundy and I have still been consistently going over to the church on Monday afternoons to play piano, and other than that, I play piano at district council, and infrequently in elders quorum.
Yes, Matt and Dominic are in fact a couple.
I have not yet been asked to give a talk in church.

The temperature has fallen directly into sweater and/or coat weather, but not quite to the point where I need to be constantly bundled up with everything I own. I seem to recall bringing more than one sweater, but I guess not. I found a big grey fleece scarf in the old apartment's closet, but I haven't quite gotten to the point of needing it yet.
This week we've been spending a lot of time (and miles) on trying to hunt down investigators that have gone AWOL and we haven't had a whole ton of luck with return appointments going through.

Last Monday in our lesson with Matt and Dominic we briefly taught the law of chastity and then read through The Family: a proclamation to the world with them. Their two main questions afterwards were 1) why homosexual marriage is contrary to God's laws, and 2) whether it was possible for a female spirit to receive a male body in mortality. We asked them to read through Elder Oaks' talk "Truth and the Plan" and this week finding scriptures and general conference talks relating to these topics has been the focus of a lot of our studies. Definitely the best source I found so far has been "Why Marriage, Why Family" by Elder Christofferson. We're continuing last week's discussion tonight.

Kimberly has been going through a really hard time, with the anniversary of her son's death coming up, the family drama going on, and being unable to come to church yesterday because she had to look after her grandkids. The referral sisters got in contact with her again and had a good talk, and we're planning on trying to get more members of the ward fellowshipping her, But we're kind of at a loss for how to get her to be less miserable all the time.

We've been talking to Rico and also to Mike about baptism, and both are open to the possibility but won't commit to it. Neither have come to church yet although they both say they intend to each week. Our lesson with Rico was funny. We asked him to be baptized on November 9 and he said that was too soon. We asked him how long he wanted to wait and he said "Three years". When we asked him what was holding him back, he thought for a long time, and then asked "can I still listen to Haitian rap music?". After we said yes and talked about that for a bit and about why neither his music nor his stressful life was a valid excuse for not being baptized, and reminded him of the blessings of baptism we asked him if he wanted more blessings. He said "yeah... but not right now." So I guess Rico has his fill on blessings for the moment. Elder Roundy thinks it might be a good idea to pray that he gets in a mild car accident, so we can say he's running low and needs more :)

the Adams' have moved to a new apartment and we were expecting them at church but they didn't come, and were not at home either in the morning or the early evening when we tried by on Sunday.

Teshaun moved to the east side and we don't have his new address. Nandini is moving to Alabama this week and doesn't know what her new address will be yet, but she actually responds to our texts, so I'm not as concerned about losing her as I was about Teshaun.

Princess Deah and her two daughters Tasha and Tyra came to church for the first two hours and Princess says she intends to come every week.

I think that's all from me for this week.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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