October 15, 2018



Mike Roundy

I'm doing all the driving!

Thanks for the updates. It's scary to hear about Lucky's stroke, but I'm glad he's recovering quickly. Hopefully he continues to get more steady on his feet.

To answer your question, I've been doing almost all the driving since I got my Tiwi card, which is good. I was feeling out of practice by the time I got it.

Last Monday we taught Matt and Dominic the Gospel of Jesus Christ which went smoothly and finishes up the foundational doctrine. Dominic asks all the deep questions and Matt is the comic relief. We've really enjoyed teaching those guys. By the end of the lesson when we invited them to church again they told us that they don't want to get involved with the social side of things until after we spend some time talking about the church's policy/doctrine relating to the lgbtq community, so we're going to teach the law of chastity tonight and then they'll make their decision about whether they want to keep meeting with us.

That evening we found bedbugs on the wall beside Elder Roundy's bed, so we tore the room apart so we could find and kill the dozen or so bugs that were on the walls, bed and box spring. We called the new housing coordinator Elder Hillman, and he had us cleaning, spraying stuff with alchohol and putting fabric through the dryer all Tuesday morning. We were having flashbacks to our last apartment, but when the complex managers got back to us they called some sort of exterminator service instead of evicting us, which was nice. (and a far more reasonable response in my opinion.) On Thursday we came home to find a business card with "treatment done" written on it sitting on our kitchen counter. We have no idea what they did or how thorough they were, but whatever.

Mary came to church yesterday and we had a lesson with her that evening. She liked church and felt welcome, although it was a lot different from the church she grew up in. She is planning to come to church here from now on and has committed to make time to read the Book of Mormon, so everything is going great with her.

Cynthia and Herman's car has yet to be fixed, they still haven't found a place to move to and Herman's feet are in quite a bit of pain due to diabetic neuropathy, so I suspect that's why they decided not to come to church this week. Can't blame 'em. Almost everything that can go wrong has gone wrong for them in a very short period of time, but they seem to be handling it ok.

Jeff and Anthony will be away from home for the next week, but Jeff's sister Ta'Janee is still here and has been continuing to read the Book of Mormon a bit at a time. Because the teaching environment isn't great and teaching the whole plan of salvation in one go didn't go well, we've decided to teach her in smaller chunks from now on.

Teshaun is moving to the east side, but we still haven't gotten his address.

On Saturday we had a good lesson with Michael Alvarado. We talked a lot about how to learn spiritual truths, and his Seventh Day Adventist mother was acting like a great member present by adding her testimony of the Holy Ghost to ours. Michael has committed to read the whole Book of Mormon and pray to Heavenly Father every day. We promised him that if he did, he would receive a witness from the Spirit that God lives and loves him.

That's about all for this week. Love you lots.

Elder Robertson.


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