October 8, 2018



Mike Roundy

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving!

Glad to hear all is well on the home front. It's strange to see pictures of thanksgiving and red leaves when both of those things have yet to reach here. I was thinking of you all, but especially Dad, on Saturday morning. I agree with Kurt that the only things I can remember you gripe about was the length of church meetings, high priests group in particular, and the law of Moses style of home teaching. Looks like President Nelson is looking out for you :).

For the Saturday morning session we tried and failed to get a guy named Michael to come with us to the ward mission leader's house, so it was just Elder Roundy and I with Brother and Sister Ford for that one. I'd heard an abundance of completely unrelated and unsubstantiated rumors about what would be announced, of which 2 hour church was only one, so it still came as quite a surprise to me. Judging by Elder Roundy and Sister Ford's Facebook feeds it seems there was much rejoicing the moment the announcement was made. Saturday Afternoon we got Kim and her granddaughter Kelli to come over to the Ford's, which I think was a really good experience for Kim. Kelli passed out pretty much the moment she sat down. I'm not sure how she did that. Matt and Dominic also told us they got to watch most of it at their apartment. My favorite talk of that session was Elder Uchtdorf's believe, love, do talk. Partially because it applied so well to Kim's grief and pessimism, partially because it last out so we'll the way we apply the gospel and the atonement to pull ourselves and others out of emotional and spiritual darkness, and partially because of that magnificent pun. We had steak and potatoes with the Ford's afterwards.

Sunday Morning Michael tried to cancel on us again because he had an essay to finish. Elder Roundy was the one on the phone, and he was having none of it. He explained what General Conference was, promised blessings, and then asked Michael if he wanted God's help writing his essay. Michael ended up coming to the Ford's for it and really enjoyed himself. He said he was pleasantly surprised, and that it was good for him to have a chance to relax and reground himself. No sign of Teshaun, Princess, Maury or Mike. For the Sunday afternoon session we were planning on Jeff, Ta'Janee and Anthony coming to the Reads house, but none of them were able to. Sister Read was the one that texted you that picture. The tie was a gift from Elder Roundy. I'm not sure why, but he has around 6 ties with that same pattern. One talk from that one that stood out to me was Elder Rasband's. I think he did a great job of explaining human agency, the plan of salvation and why our time on earth is set up the way it is. After conference was over, we stayed and had pot roast with the Reads. It's been a good weekend.

Cynthia and Herman have been having a rough week. They are half packed, and have paid for another month at their apartment, but are still looking for somewhere to move to. Their car also broke down on Friday. They were able to watch conference at home, but Nyla didn't watch with them.

Yesterday morning at 6:20 We got a call from a former investigator named Mary who had dropped us over a month ago saying she wanted us to come over and talk again. That evening we spent some time talking about why she had dropped us in the first place, and we finally got a chance to clear up the miscommunication that had been bothering her. We bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and she is planning on coming to church this next week.

Other cool things that happened this week:

Had an awesome lesson on the plan of salvation with Matt and Dominic that went way longer than planned because Dominic had a lot of really deep questions. He came up with an explanation of the difference between the 3 kingdoms that I like. "If life is a test, then the Celestial Kingdom is for those who pass the test, the Terrestrial Kingdom is for those who can pass the test when the answers are given to them in the spirit world, and the Telestial Kingdom is for those who wouldn't put in the work to pass the test even with the answers written on the board."

On Wednesday at district council Sister Bell told another way to explain the same idea by explaining the work ethic and behavior of a diligent and caring employee, versus an employee who does what they're supposed to and nothing else, and an employee who does the absolute minimum they can get away with.

I went on exchange with Elder Adams again this Wednesday, this time in my area. We got the cops called on us by a paranoid crazy lady in a really nice neighborhood because she didn't recognize our car. The police officer told us they get called to that neighborhood a lot. A few minutes later he drove down to us again and asked us to go somewhere else so she would calm down. We never even knocked on her door. I was quite impressed by the police response time.

We taught Nandini the plan of salvation with the Ford's. It turns out that she believes that each soul passes through 7 lives (reincarnation) and she didn't know much about before or after, which made teaching the plan of salvation much easier to teach than it would have been if she believed in continuous reincarnation. We just taught about before and after and then said we only believe that we each get one mortal life. Brother Ford made a cool observation that in a way we believe in 4 lives or stages (premortal, mortal, spirit world, eternity) and that what your life is like in each stage is dependant on how well you lived in the previous one... so... I guess we're Hindus then? It was a pretty good lesson. She doesn't actually believe it yet, but she definitely understands it and how it relates to what she's been taught all her life.

We also taught the plan of salvation to Rico for the second time. Wow, I didn't realize how much we had been doing that thus week until just now.

We met a guy named Mechizedek who pronounces it Mel-Chizedik instead of Mel-Kezedik, so that's going to throw me off.

...I think that's about it for this week.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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