October 1, 2018



Mike Roundy

Sacrifices and blessings

Hello everyone!

The weather is has gotten to the point where it is chilly and wet about half of the time, but doesn't seem to want to commit to switching over to autumn completely just yet, which is fine by me. The district, and Elder Roundy in particular has been coping by playing more Christmas music than usual. Elder Roundy has also decided to make it his project this transfer to sift through all of his music and delete the music that doesn't meet white handbook standards. He had an especially hard time with the Pentatonix Christmas album, but after playing 'So good to be bad' about 20 times he mustered the will to stop rationalizing keeping it. In response to this sacrifice and many others like it, we've suddenly started getting a lot more return appointments than usual.

Last week I forgot to tell you that my coat arrived, and I got it at zone conference. The coat fits great. Thank you.
On Tuesday (transfer day) around lunchtime Elder Kinross and his new companion Elder Gamble came by to drop off some Book of Mormons (Books of Mormon?) and my Tiwi card that means I am now authorized to drive. A couple of hours later they gave us a call asking for a ride because their car had gotten towed. It took quite a while for them to get their car so we had some time to talk. Elder Gamble is feeling rather green again given that he doesn't speak Swahili or Yoruba, and has spent most of his mission thus far in small towns... So he had quite the first day in Eagle Creek. Elder Gamble replacing Elder Vin Zant was the only change to our district this transfer.

Updates on investigators:
We had a review lesson with Kim and Kelli and they can remember pretty much everything we taught them before they dropped off the face of the earth for a month, which is exciting. They are currently planning on a baptismal date of December 21 which is further away than we would like, but that gives Kimberly time for her knee to heal.

We started teaching Jeff's sister Ta'Janee (we're not entirely sure how to pronounce it either and we've heard it a dozen times). We've also made progress with teaching his friend Anthony about the plan of salvation. That apartment complex is crazy. We never know who we're going to talk to when we go over there.

Marcell lives in Carmel ward boundaries and is ysa age, but we're just going to teach him anyways because McDonalds is in our area and going there in person seems to be the only reliable way to contact him.
We had a good lesson with Teshaun about the 10 commandments and the word of wisdom. He smokes marijuana and doesn't feel any particular desire to stop, so we spent some time talking about the blessings promised at the end of D&C 89. He told us that he wouldn't commit to stopping smoking yet, because he needed to think about it. On Sunday morning he said he would go to church, but he didn't.
We taught Princess and her two daughters the restoration and they said they would for sure be at church on Sunday. Sunday morning we stopped by and they said the same thing... half way through sacrament meeting she texted us saying she wasn't sure if the spare tire on her car could make the trip, and that she would try to find a ride from a friend.

Cynthia and Herman are moving on the 5th, but the house they were planning on renting didn't work out for some reason so they've been scrambling to find a place to move to. To make matters worse, Herman's ankles have been getting more painful, and he'll also be going in for eye surgery (glaucoma and cataracts) some time in the next few weeks.

It's been a weeks of ups and downs. Probably the best illustration of that is that we got 9 new "people being taught" when our weekly goal is 5, and we had a list of about 8 people that said they would come to church on Sunday, but Jeff was the only one that actually came.

Wish you all the best, and I'll talk to you next week.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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