September 24, 2018



Mike Roundy

Elder Roundy and I are together for another transfer!

Transfers is tomorrow and we got our text Saturday morning telling us that we are staying. As of tomorrow afternoon I will officially be Elder Roundy's longest companion. Apparently there aren't any English speaking Elders coming in this transfer, so we figure President Carlson is just putting Elder Roundy on hold until he can train again :)
We know that district leader Elder Adams and Elder Ashworth are staying, as is zone leader Elder Kinross, but Elder Vin Zant is leaving. Other than that, I'm not sure. Guess I'll find out on Wednesday.

Last Tuesday we had zone conference with the whole southern half of the mission (4 zones) in Fishers and Elder Kevin Hamilton of the 70 came to speak to us. My favorite takeaway from zone conference was that thinking of ourselves as teachers is a tad misleading, because there are plenty of efficient ways of providing information that doesn't involve face-to-face contact. Missionaries are rather intended to be instigators of change, which we primarily do by extending commitments, and following up on commitments, with the teaching of doctrine just being one our main tools along with bearing testimony, not our purpose in and of itself. It seems obvious, but I can't seem to remember hearing anyone say it like that before.

Tuesday evening we met with Cynthia and Herman for the first time in almost a month, so we had a lot of catching up to do. We spent about an hour and 45 minutes there answering all the questions that have come up in the meantime about things like church organization, general conference, the plan of salvation, proxy ordinances, familysearch, priesthood lines of authority, where to purchase a quad, upcoming events, what the other 2nd hour classes are besides gospel principles, how ministering works, etc. We love spending time with them like that, partially because they're just really nice people and partially because they soak everything up, ask meaningful questions and recognize that they have a lot to learn. They understand the importance of missionary work and temple work, and they've been making an effort to get to know everyone in the ward. Basically they're the perfect recent converts. Nyla remains largely elusive, but came to the young women's bonfire the next day and allegedly had fun. We have a great young women's program, so we're hopeful that Nyla will become more open to taking the missionary discussions as she gets deeper into the social side of things.

I made a summary/timeline of the Bible chronology from 1000 B.C. to 0 A.D. in my study journal this week. History is weird and long, and I apparently know a lot less of it than I thought I did.

Teshaun has a new job buying and selling phones, so he can choose his own hours, and he suddenly has a car, but he didn't come to church on Sunday. We need him to meet someone in the ysa so he feels more comfortable going. The main thing he feels he needs to improve on is his personal commitment. We agree.

On Saturday we helped out at the Indianapolis Special Olympics for most of the day. We kept score for three softball games while one of the youth from Greencastle branch named Kyle did the announcing. By the end, Kyle had convinced Elder Roundy that he should ask President to transfer him there for his last area. I think a member of the church must be on the planning committee because there were a ton of mormon volunteers including a lot of (relatively) local missionaries. It was a fun day.

Yesterday between mcm and ward council the ZLs came to our apartment for lunch and Elder Roundy got Elder Kinross to race him to see who could eat a container of peanut butter the fastest, seeing as we had two of them, and I had refused earlier this week. He agreed, and both gave up halfway through. Vin Zant and I really wanted them to walk into ward council still eating them, but they decided against it. Quote for the week is "regret looks like half-empty jar of peanut butter". I think I understand why the area presidency discourages groups of missionaries gathering on P-days now. It was the primary presentation at church, so that's always adorable, but none of our investigators came to church.
We had two really exciting things happen Sunday evening. First off, we found Kimberly Gillis again. She's back from Maryland and has something wrong with her knee. (different problem from why she was in Maryland to begin with.) We gave her a blessing and shared a scripture and a message with her. It was a really nice meeting that I think did a lot of good. We should be able to start teaching her and her granddaughter Kelli again, which is exciting. Kim can use all the help and encouragement she can get these days.
Secondly, we had gone to an apartment complex at 8:40 looking to track down former investigators but discovered that this complex locked the outside doors on all their buildings. This means that going there would have been a complete waste of time, if a lady we hadn't seen hadn't have called out to us from across the street asking for one of our cards because she wanted to come to our church. She then gave us her name (Princess) and her contact information and said we could come back on Tuesday... So that was crazy and awesome. It was especially funny because this is exactly the sort of thing that Elder Roundy has heard about the Greencastle area. I think this officially gives us the right to spread overblown rumors about what kind of an area Eagle Creek is.

Well... That's the update for the week. Glad to hear Jasmine got her visa all sorted out. Have fun in Vegas.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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