September 10, 2018



Mike Roundy

Heading to the zoo

On Monday the ward held a labor day barbeque, and Brother Aubrey volunteered to cook the hamburgers hotdogs and ribs, so after doing our normal P-day stuff the zone leaders and us hung out in his backyard, helped him finish everything and then went to the church to eat and chat with the ward members. On our way back from a lesson that evening Elder Roundy crashed and hurt his knee while trying to avoid hitting a car, so we were especially happy to get the car back on Wednesday It's been really nice to have a car again, especially so since it's been raining since Thursday.

It seems like we successfully left the bedbugs behind when we moved. There's been no sign of them, so we're feeling hopeful.

Wednesday evening we went on splits. Brother Aubrey and I read Enos with Teshaun and tried to teach Rico how to pray while Brother Ford and Elder Roundy gave Herman a blessing.

On Friday when we next saw Rico we taught/learned how to pray in Creole. He's used to memorized prayers but we think he gets it now.

We taught Teshaun about the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ this week and he is planning on being baptised in about a month. Teshaun is really sharp and is learning how to identify the spirit. The only obstacle we are running into with him is he hasn't been to church and he only knows his work schedule about a day in advance.

Between correlation meeting, ward council, regular church meetings, our FHE group thing we had right after church, and the young adult face-to-face with Elder Cook that we got to watch in the evening we ended up spending 8.5 hours at the church yesterday. They were all exceptionally good meetings, but I was sitting for far too long. One of the talks given in sacrament meeting was about the peace that comes from doing something you're good at, as compared to the peace that comes from living the gospel and feeling the spirit. He said that ever since joining the church he has seen that the callings he has received have not been callings that utilize and build upon his skills, but that push him out of his comfort zone and force him to develop skills and abilities that he would not have otherwise gained. He related that to Ether 12:27 and pointed out that although the challenges and growth we face in life are never comfortable in the worldly sense of comfort, as we rely on the Lord and move forward in faith we can be guided by the spirit and receive a deeper peace and assurance that is not dependant on our circumstances and that comes only from the Holy Ghost.

We did not have any investigators come to church yesterday except Cynthia and Herman, and they don't count. Herman helped bless the sacrament, so that was cool.

Elder Roundy and I got permission to go to the zoo today so we'll be heading out soon for that.

Love you lots.
Elder Robertson.


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