September 3, 2018



Mike Roundy

Bed bugs and car troubles

So... A bit of background information: on August 16th Elder Roundy found a few bedbugs on the ceiling and after washing our sheets, throwing our recliners away and thoroughly cleaning our apartment the housing coordinator Elder Breck told us that someone would come by to assess the situation.

Last Monday after getting my hair cut and doing our shopping, we realized we hadn't heard anything yet about the bug situation so we went down to the front office of our apartment complex to figure out what was going on. The guy looked up our apartment and told us that bedbugs had been found in our room by the guy they sent over, and that consequently they were terminating our lease and we had 10 days to vacate the apartment. That evening we had a great lesson with Matt and Dominic in which we more or less passed them off to the missionaries that are over the singles ward which is kind of sad. It was a pleasant day, but it seems a lot worse in retrospect.
On Tuesday our car troubles and our apartment troubles came to a head. The vehicle coordinator informed us that our car was ready to be picked up, and we managed to find a member who could drop us off at the dealership. When we got there we were told that a piston had cracked and was damaging the casing and consequently they were going to have to replace the entire engine, which would take them until Tuesday or Wednesday to complete. Turns out the vehicle coordinator had called the wrong elders. We ended up calling Elder Breck for help and he came to drive us home. While we were driving he told us his plan to have us moved out by that evening! What ended up happening is we and the zone leaders spent that afternoon and evening throwing stuff out, running all of our clothes through the dryer (to kill potential hitchhikers) and cleaning. By 11:30 We had successfully abandoned the santa barbara drive apartment and had dumped all our stuff in the zone leader's living room at 6678 Longwoods Circle (46254).
After District council Wednesday morning the next project was to get Elders Kinross and Vin Zant moved out and into the former Avon 2.2 apartment that had been sitting empty since that area closed last transfer. Now both sets of us are living just south of our area boundaries.
Kinross loaned me his helmet, Vin Zant loaned me his U-lock and Elder Breck loaned me a remarkably nice bike that someone had left behind when they went home.
With that all said, it doesn't feel like we got much missionary work done this week.

The good news is that Jeff went to mutual last Wednesday and loved it. He also came to church yesterday. We thought that Edward Anthony and a guy named Tae'juan were going to come too but none of them did. The other person that did come to church yesterday, much to our surprise, was a Hindu lady (early 30s) named Nandini. We tracted into her two weeks ago, gave her a pamphlet and our number, were unable to set a return appointment, and then left never really expecting to see her again. We still don't know hardly anything about her but we have an appointment now, so that's cool.
We finally managed to get back in contact with Teshaun on Saturday after over a week of silence and him not being at home. Kim is still in the hospital and doesn't answer her phone and only rarely responds to texts, but the referral sister's have apparently had better luck contacting her than we have.

So that's basically been my life this week. The personal study time has been pretty low quality the last few days. I blame the bike. Our new apartment is looking pretty good now, so hopefully we didn't bring any little friends with us.

Love you lots,
Elder Roberstson.


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