July 9, 2018



Mike Roundy

First week in the mission field

This first week has gone quite well. We haven't taught many lessons and a few of the investigators that Elder Roundy is most hopeful for have been out of town this week though, so we've been doing a lot of tracting. As a result, the stuff I've been learning the most about this week has been about what to say when people answer their doors. Our latest discovery has been that asking Christians if they've ever wondered why there are so many different churches is a good way to spark a discussion. Almost everyone here belongs to a different denomination of Christianity. Perhaps because of that, everyone has been quite polite with us, even when they obviously don't want to talk to us.
Indianapolis is incredibly green, and the buildings are spaced out enough that it often doesn't feel at all like we're in a big city, even when we're not in the suburbs. The absolutely absurd number of canadian geese helps with that impression. Our apartment complex surrounds a pond, so we often come home to a crowd of over 20 geese, just walking around. Traffic briefly came to a stop twice on Thursday because geese were crossing the street and taking their dear sweet time about it.
Elder Roundy is from Nephi Utah. He's been here about 13 months and I'm the fourth missionary that he's trained. Apparently his old trainer, Elder Moulton, is training Elder Ravsten up in the Purdue University campus. Elder Roundy Is a pretty chill guy, and we've been getting along well. He's been good about making sure we're doing everything according to schedule and teaching me everything he knows. Basically, he's trained four times and knows the drill. He thinks I'm already better at door aproaches than him so that's cool. Two of the first things I found out about him is that he has a reputation for loving ice cream and he enjoys listening to Disney soundtracks.
Eagle Creek ward has two sets of missionaries, and from what I hear, could use a third. Elder Roundy and I are in the north section, and the zone leaders Elder Kinross and Elder Vinzant are in the southern half, which is closer to the middle of the city and is considerably less wealthy than our area. I found out yesterday that they've been incredibly busy with all their appointments, a lot of which have been with Nigerian families.
We've met a bunch of people while tracting, but most of our return visits have fallen through so far, so I'm not sure how many are worth telling you about until I know if they're actually interested.
I'm still terrible with names and locations but the area book app that we're using helps with that a ton. Our apartment is nicer than I expected, especially once we got it cleaned up a bit, and Elder Roundy says it's the worst apartment he's lived in so far, which gives me hope.

Some interesting things that happened this week are:
On Wednesday, we helped out at the Independence Day ward breakfast, and then a lot of appointments fell through in the afternoon. Elder Roundy wanted me to have some practice teaching a lesson, so we met up with a talkative and friendly member named Bob, and we practiced teaching the restoration. After we taught the lesson, Elder Roundy and I learned that we're both really bad at ending conversations and we ended up staying there listening to Bob tell stories for longer than we should have.
On Thursday we tracted into a guy named Bud Dobson. He was shirtless and mellow enough that we suspected he might have been on something, but he let us in and really liked hearing about the restoration. When we came back on Saturday we taught him the plan of salvation, and did a lot of review of the restoration. He seems to like hearing what we have to say and accepts it as fact without a trace of doubt but I honestly have no idea how much he remembers about what we teach him and I haven't figured out what his deal is, so I'm not sure how far this is going to go.
On a more normal level, we had a great discussion about the contents of the Book of Mormon and why it's important with Francis and Regina Kegbe (also on Thursday). The Kegbes are from Nigeria, and Elder Roundy has been working with them for a few weeks now, but they're so busy that it's hard to figure out a reliable time to meet up with them and teach. They are both highly intelligent and spiritual people who have good questions and seem to have a lot of respect for missionaries. If they make time to read the Book of Mormon I think things could really pick up with them, but until then we're not sure what we can do to help them.
On an unrelated note, We discovered the joys of hot chocolate milk shakes last night. Would recommend.

All things considered, I'm settling in well, and life is good... Oh yeah, and my P-day is on Monday... I probably should have mentioned that in my last email. Oh well.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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