July 3, 2018



Mike Roundy

I made it to Indianapolis!

I'm finally here! my last few days in the MTC went great. We said goodbye to our teachers on Saturday, which was actually pretty sad. I couldn't have asked for better teachers than Brother Everett and Brother Herrod, nor for a better district. Our district did a special musical number of a rendition of "I'll go where you want me to go" in fast and testimony meeting, which was fun to prepare and do, and in our devotionals we heard a lot of great talks from the MTC presidency and others on personal revelation, and being anxiously engaged. We said all of our goodbyes on Sunday evening and then set our alarms for 3:20.
On Monday morning I, along with Elder Ravsten Sister Rich and a couple other elders took a van, then a train, and then a bus to the airport. It was a very long and very uneventful trip.
In Atlanta we met up with two elders from the Mexico City MTC and had a nice conversation with a convert who told us her story and made a point of reminding us that "the Lord loves you and so do your mothers".
In Indianapolis we were met by President and Sister Carlson and four AP's, two of which are about to go home. The Carlsons are about the nicest people you could think of.
When we stepped outside it felt like the tropics, which felt lovely after being cooped up in vehicles all day. At the mission home we ate dinner, I played a little bit of piano, and then had a brief interview with President Carlson.
I've been assigned to the Eagle Creek ward, which everyone tells me is a great place to be a missionary in. My trainer is Elder Mike Roundy from Nephi Utah. We're currently sitting in a library after having just come from a morning orientation at the mission office...
...and now you're caught up. It's been a full couple of days and I feel like I learned a lot about teaching in the MTC, but now the learning begins in earnest.

Love, Elder Robertson.


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