February 8, 2016


Gex, France


Elder Nathan Robards

Car Crash Cola

Dear Friends & Family,

Sorry I didn't send this on Monday, I hope you get this by Tuesday...hopefully

Hey so we got into a car accident... (he says and then just leaves it hanging there....until much later on! ~Bea)

We had a great mission conference where President Brown told our mission "that the opposition is being turned up in the area and the techniques that we used yesterday are not good enough. He told us, the Lord has sent the best missionaries for today in the Lyon mission because it will take the best missionaries to fight through our opposition and the opposition that will occur in the lives of our Amis. But also so that our success and faith and testimonies will go off the charts.

Soeur Brown taught us the importance of families and how like the family in The Croods we must follow the light and have brilliant ideas to teach families.

Stake President Coppel also told us "We are in angel's company" "Trials and opposition are aimed to weaken our faith but they are signs that our faith is growing"

It was a great conference. On the way back from the conference, Chambéry elders offered to drive us back to Gex because we had a Rendezvous with Aurore. On the way to Cessy we didn't see the stoplight and we hit a oncoming car and it wasn't bad just a tap. Elder Warner was shocked like we all were, but he got calm really quick and got the situation taken care of with the man who we hit. It wasn't anything bad, but what was funny was this guys told him it was his first accident, we didn't believe him, but he told us he had never been hit by a group of Mormons before and his wife will have a good laugh about that. It's great how someone's else's attitude could just change a whole situation for the better if they just smile and don't freak out and yell at you, which I thought this guys was going to do. But he was nice, so yea that was cool.

We had a cool rendezvous later that evening with Arnaud Jaquier and his wife Stephanie. I don't think I have ever mentioned this before in my emails but all of the members in The Jaquier Clan could be part time models. Like Arnaud is a scientist that works at CERN, by day he happens to find a cure for cancer, by night he models for Armani. Clément could be a model for Gucci or Tommy Hilfiger and also be a Business Executive and Aubry could be like a pro Footballer (soccer for Americans) and an action hero. This also goes with all of their spouses. They just have a large good-looking family.

During this rendezvous, Arnaud asked us if we wanted anything to drink: l'eau, du lait, jus de pomme, incocola,etc. I was like, "Incocola, what in the world is Incocola? " he gave Elder Robards and I each a bottle of Inca Cola, in fast French it sounds like incocola, so you could see where I was kinda confused. Inca cola, which I have never had in the states, is this Yellow Peruvian soda that is sooOOOOOOOooo GOOOOoood, it kinda tastes like Big Red soda, not the cinnamon gum but the dark red crème soda like soda. I have some friends back home who talk about it like all the time but now I understand now why they were crazy about it.

It was kinda crazy this week it was either raining all day or foggy or brightly shining beams of radiant light from that celestial orb that we seem to revolve around. But here are some cool photos.

The first one is a photo of outside our apartment and it was so bright outside, our apartment was basked in full sunshine even with our drapes fully closed and it was super blinding, Geneva was also cloaked in "Boss Fog" or it was slowly becoming the next City of Enoch.

The fog slowly came in and by night time it was hard to see anything.
This photo reminds me of the video Patterns of Light:Spirit of Revelation (click here to watch) where Elder David A Bednar discusses how spiritual light comes normally three ways. Either Direct and Sudden Illumination like turning on a switch , Gradual Illumination like the rising of the sun, or like a foggy day where there is just enough light to know that it is there and just enough to let you keep going and help you push on a few feet. My companion Elder Robards thinks this photo looks like something out of Harry Potter.

Something that was kinda interesting, in Geneva, the night before Zone P Day, I saw a guy doing cocaine on a public Tram so that was fun to see??!?. Kinda sketch actually!

For zone p-day we played some floor hockey so as you guys know I went all out, "I played hard in the paint", I threw the bows, and Veni Vedi Veci (I came I saw I conquered) as some people might say. I did some nice tricks and scored against some Canadian elders so that was fun, I received a flesh wound though but it was merely a flesh wound. I've had worst.
Anyway it was a fun p-day we played other games like the sound game which is hard to explain.

We like always had a group photos which was awesome.

We had a District sleep over.
Some donkeys and just chilling (I think they are plotting something!


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