February 1, 2016


Gex, France


Elder Nathan Robards

Week 22 - Where the Wild Things Are

So this week was really really chill.

But I don't know what to write. We set some rendezvous for this week and we taught some new Amis who are actually sons of a less active member and we are given permission to teach them the lessons so that's dope.

Something that was also kinda random this week we saw about 40 baguettes just chilling under a tree. Like someone just threw them there and now they are a new type of animal that roams the streets and forests of Gex.
Wild Baguetteosaurs grazing in a group called a Boulangerie (Baguetteosaurs frenchbreadeous) .

We also found this really cool part of Gex that looks super French with building older than The United States of America and stuff . I found the Chateau of Gex, well what was left of it and took the photo of me knocking on the door trying to find someone to talk to.
Oh yea, it's also president month so I have this dope calendar with Real Heros so I added a picture of majestic George Washington so that's pretty dope.
Oh another cool thing this Sunday, all the adults at church had a meeting so elder Robards and I had to help teach some French 3-11 year olds about Jesus and stuff and pretty much just make sure they didn't die and those kids are crazy. Like this one kid kept liking his shoe and other ones keeper yelling and running around but it was super fun. Kids are the best. So I kinda understand what you have to do everyday at work. We played games and stuff sang some French songs and stuff but super fun. I don't have a photo of me but I have a picture of Elder Robards sitting in a kiddie chair.

C'est la vie
De le Sud de France avec la foi
Elder D. Dakota Stephens


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