January 25, 2016


Gex, France


Elder Nathan Robards

Week 21 - English Hotel (we spent 3 nights with the English Elders)

Dear Family And Friends,

This week has been crazy but I'll only talk about a few things that happened this week.

First we got into contact with an old ami (old meaning investigator from a long time ago - not as in old age) Natasha and her family. Also she speaks English so that is a bonus. She talked to us on Thursday evening to see if we could head over from some service and we gladly accepted. We cleared her huge driveway from la neige and la glace and it took about 2 hours but it was fun. We "come off conqueror" over the ice and snow though so that was so dope.

On Monday we spent the night with the Saint Genis Elders for a rendezvous with their downstairs family, The Zinsuis famille. We taught them about the importance of prayer, scripture study, and church attendance and how all three are basic church primary answers but are how with these three elements, we not only retain, but build our testimonies. It was a cool lesson.

We meet with Vanessa M. on Thursday and she told us I've already has been baptized (previous faith) and that was a 'need for myself'. When I get baptized (into our faith), it will be with my family because I want my husband and son baptized when I get baptized." So it will be a family baptism!!!! I'm so excited. Now we have to teach her husband a little more and fix a date with them. This might be the Sparc (remember from last week?) the ward needs to really start helping with the missionary work in our sector. Je rigole mais pour réel we really need this family to get baptized. (Note from Elder Stephens's mom - I will be fasting and praying for this family this weekend. Please feel free to join me.)

On Saturday, our zone participated in a Zone Finding Day and it was so dope, like so cool. Between my mini exchange with Elder Hansen and I and Elder Leon and I, we spoke to twenty one different couples, families, or single persons and taught a lesson on a bench with this guy named Tristan who looked like Jake Gyllenhaal, but that was so cool. Elder Leon and I were beasts that day.

One thing that was super cool, we passed by this Chinese shop that sold pens and they were selling Year of the Singe pens and Elder Leon (being called to teach in Chinese)noticed the Chinese character for horse and told me what it was and this Asian man who happened to be there turned around and said that that was correct and read Leon's Chinese missionary badge and noticed that we were missionaries and talked about how he knows the missionaries well in Hong Kong and it was super cool Because Chinese people don't understand or know who Mormon missionaries are and we were super Sparc'ed.

One more thing...
French Vocab
la neige = snow
la glace = ice
Je rigole mas pour reel = I joke but for reals
"come off conqueror" Doctrine and Covenants Pray always, that you may come off conqueror; yea, that you may conquer Satan, and that you may escape the hands of the servants of Satan that do uphold his work.

Love from the South of France!
Elder D. Dakota Stephens
France Lyon Mission
Sept 2015 - Sept 2017


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