January 19, 2016


Gex, France


Elder Nathan Robards

Week 20 - Somethings were lost and others found.

Dear Family And Friends And NSA (I know you are there!),

So this week has been a little crazy. Out of the last 14 days, 12 of those it has either rained or snowed here in Gex. Towards the end of last week, this huge rain storm blew right though Gex and everything was cold, wet and dreary. Even an ELO song came to mind (Mr Blue Sky) but the clear sky was nowhere to be found.

Monday was uneventful really except the fact that we visited that milk machine, window shopped at Val Thoiry and ate at McDonald's, which in France is really good, and headed back to our apartment for shelter from the rain which brought with it a cold and bitter wind that seemed to chill to the very soul.

On Tuesday we had a RDV in Divonne Les Bains (which is a town north of Gex and you can only take one bus the # 33 bus line there and we aren't even able to contact people because of a lame city ordinance, so we normally don't do anything there). Anyway we got into Divonne and planned to pass some less active members of the church before our schedule rendezvous with Jean Vincent.

We passed a less Active/non member family and it turns out their dad just left to work so we missed him by a few seconds and then it was all down hill from there. It started to not just sprinkle down the tear drops from the clouds above but it was a constant downpour. Then after we were right about to head to this rendezvous, Jean Vincent sends us a texts saying he couldn't have the rendezvous because he fell ill. And after this, the wind came in and made holding an umbrella no long possible. (there was an unfortunate umbrella death because of rain. The umbrella died, not a person) So we were getting soaked and we tried to pass Frere Thia, a really cool member who was going to help us with Jean Vincent's rendezvous lesson, but he called us saying he was still at work so all of our plans and back up plans fell through and splashed into the huge puddles of rain at our feet. The next bus happened to come in 45 minutes so elder Robards and I decided to take shelter under some huge trees While we waited. We arrived back in Gex and did some porting and we actually had some nice conversation will some people so yea that was kinda cool after a day of really wet shoes.

We returned to our apartment and started our exchange with the zone leaders (Elder Fisk and Elder Thorne). On Wednesday something really cool happened, Elder Thorne and I had a really cool exchange. He had the idea of going porting but first going to two members houses and asking them to pray with us so that 1) we could invite the spirit in their houses and 2) so that we can have guidance to find people that are looking for us.
We stopped by the Celi's and the Houdin's house and prayed with them and later in the day we were able to contact everyone we saw and also we were able to teach a lesson with a person who at first was super opposed to us and was spouting off that he doesn't need our "new" religion and that he will die Catholic so Elder Thorne asked if we could show him a video and he wasn't opposed to watch a video so we watch Grace à lui, or Because of Him and this video touched not just Elder Thorne and I, but also this man. He asked us for our card and we gave him our contact info and left him to have a great rest of his day. It was so cool.

The next day it snowed super a lot. It was cool. One day on the way up the hill, Elder Robards and I made this huge snow ball and across the street, a little girl started to do the same. So I decided to pick up ours and carry it over and place it on top of hers so that she then had a bonhomme de neige or a snowman and while I was adding my section, the ball I was making fell apart so I was super sad but it still resembled a snowman. Her dad shouted out c'est dommage which means Too Bad!

But it was fun! When we got to the apartment though, we discovered our magnetic key fob to get into the building had stopped working. Soon the landlady came by at the right moment to help us in (Awesome miracle).

I also discovered that I had lost my magnetic name tag. (I already have another on order).

The image of Jesus that is with this week's letter - is about lost and found. He searches for the one lost sheep, because all of His flock is important, even the littlest lamb.


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