January 11, 2016


Gex, France


Elder Nathan Robards

Week 19 - No more new missionary videos

So this week is crazy parce que (because) my trainer companion is now on the opposite side of the mission (near the border with Spain) in warm weather and this week it has done nothing but rained all week long. I'm blaming it on my new Georgian companion Elder Robards, just kidding, he is kinda cool. (Except the country music he sings on occasion, which I am not a fan off but hey sometimes you just got to compromise).

This week was fun and exciting. On Tuesday, Elder Robards and I had some tacos at the First Counsellor, Morgan Tagg, his wife, and their four children's house and we talked a lot about the ward and what he believes will help out the ward the most in the missionary aspect and we shared a nice lesson on New Years resolution and what prayerful spiritual goals can do for changing our life's for the better and how we can become more and more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. Their oldest son, who is like 7, wasn't paying attention, because he actually wanted to watch some Pokémon, so I Sparc'ed (Lyon France missionary vocabulary word of the day - it means to make someone's day or to take interest in somebody so they open up to you or so just make someone instantaneously happy) him a little bit by talking about Pokémon in French. After we talked for a bit he actually wanted to listen to what I said during the lesson, so that was cool. Frere Tagg told me afterwards, now every Sunday, his son will run up to me and talk my ear off because I'm his new friend - which I thought was really cool.

On Wednesday we held our weekly meeting with the leaders of our ward or congregation and at this meeting, we found out that one of our long lost Investigator Amis Natasha and her family moved into a neighborhood near us. Because of her schedule we kind of lost contact but now we can contact and teach her so that was pretty cool.

That evening, Elder Pien and his Companion Elder Hoopes came to visit Gex, Elder Piens visa/legality papers where at the prefecture here in Centre Ville Gex, So he had to come to take care of paperwork. So it was fun having them around for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Elder Pien is always good for a laugh or a few.

(Elder Pien , myself, Elder Hoopes and Elder Robards heading into Geneva)

Thursday Afternoon, Elders Pien and Hoopes, Robards and I had lunch with the some of the sisters, Soeurs Larsen and Pelucchi. We headed back to Gex to do some passes and try contacting people in Ferney but because of the rain the last week, no one is out and if they are they all are pressed for time because they are running for shelter and do not want to be contacted by us.


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