December 28, 2015


Gex, France


Elder George Walters

Week 17 Lyon Christmas Conference

Sooo this week has been crazy/ "off the chain" as my companion might say.

So for the first few days, our whole mission gathered together in Lyon France for mission Christmas conference which was amazing. I think it would be a long email describing what all happened but it was so cool, so spiritual and so chill I will add the photos.
For Christmas Eve and Day we spent most of the days with members or delivering brownies to less actives and Amis (what we call people who are being taught or visited). On the eve of Christmas Elder Walters and I ate lunch with the family Sonnerats and we ate with their whole family (grandparents, sister, nephew, Frere and Soeur Sonnerat, and their two children ) and we had like so much food. This week is like the worst for morning exercises (morning MANGOS) because we just eat and eat and the members just feed and feed us. We had a great meal and a spiritual message and the kids opened up presents and they kindly gave us a present of gift cards to the shop where we buy all our groceries so that was a tender mercy.

We then traveled to the Lippert's home and spent the rest of the evening eating a classic turkey dinner and singing carols and we watched a Disney movie, in French it's called the Adventures of Arlo but I think it's The Good Dinosaur and it is a great movie I would suggest it as a good family movie. Frere Lippert (who works for CERN) built a us plastic and Chrome oil canisters which was built in a cern lab so that is cool.

We spent the night at St Genis and opened all our presents from home and from all the members and we made a cool Poptart Temple which was really cool and we then spent the rest of the day chilling at chez l'évêque (or the bishops house) And we ate not just a three course meal for lunch but a three course meal for dinner as well. We were able to Skype home which was super fun.


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