November 2, 2015


Gex, France


Elder George Walters

This week in France

After our District P-day / Forrest traveling (lost in the woods) last week, my comp Elder Walters and I had our first lesson with a new investigator, Crystal. We meet her at her house and taught her what we do as missionaries and about the plan of salvation, where we were before this life, what our purpose here on earth and what happens after death. We gave her a pamphlet that discussed the concept of the plan of salvation and she realized that some of the scriptures that she didn't recognize. I felt like we needed to ask more questions and so while she went to get us more water, I suggested to Elder Walters that we should ask her more questions. so we asked her if she understood everything so far and she said everything except the scripture references that weren't in the Bible. Like who is this Nephi and Alma and that was a great transition to the Livre de Mormon. She was like super excepting of it and she committed to reading it and it was like an amazing lesson. Like one of the best experiences on my mission. It was also very helpful that she understood both French and English so when ever I couldn't think of the French word, I would say an English word with a French accent and she would tell me the actual word in French so yea that was an amazing lesson.

On the 28th, A member from the Saint Genis Ward named Frere Gibbo invited us to rendezvous avec lui at McDo because he wanted to show us something cool. He paid for our food, which in France, McDo is kind of expensive but in my opinion a lot better and that was very nice of him, and showed us this small business venture he is trying to do with Google and the church and it would really help us trying to show people what our church looks like and it's pretty chill. We then had a nice rendezvous avec un moins actif and before we started our meeting he was playing a online computer game about tanks and just some other video games a well and he also had a lot of horrible, cheesy, gory horror movies on this book case which reminded me a lot of some of my friends back home. But we had a nice meeting with him and we continue on our way to have a mange-vous avec une family. It's kinda funny because this family have a three floor house and the Saint Genis Elders live on half of the second floor. So it was kinda weird. We had Swiss Raclette which is like my favorite food I've had on the mission!

Elder D. Dakota Stephens
France Lyon Mission
Sept 2015 - Sept 2017


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