September 15, 2015


Provo, UT, USA


Elder Gabriel Battazato

Happy P-day

P-Day is here again. A phrase that I hear at the MTC that is repeated by a lot of the older Elder is that " the days seem to go really slowly but the weeks seem to fly by." This phrase isn't far from the truth. It doesn't seem like I've been far from home for that long but its been 13 days so far. Another thing is that the days seem to blur together... maybe because I have a schedule that barely changes or that I eat 3 square meals a day but I guess that's what having a normal non missionary adult schedule is yea.

After my last email my district went to the Tuesday evening devotional. The day before I arrived, the international new arrivals and the other missionaries at the MTC saw Elder Oats of the Twelve Apostles give the message and I was pretty bummed that I missed a General Authority. However a former member of the Seventy and the current residing Bishop of the MTC , Gerald Causse (pretty cool French accent as well) spoke during this devotional. His talk was amazing. it was talking about how the missionaries needed and always did need to be bold missionaries. And being a bold missionary means being a humble, obedient and committed missionary. He said " I want you to be the missionaries that the members of the church think you are all the time." which really made me think about my mission so far... Am I being the best I can and what can I do to be better. Was I acting in such a way that the Holy Ghost wants to be my companion. My district was talking afterwards and we were saying that we could see Bishop Causse becoming the next apostles or one of the next apostles. That man definitely carried the power and authority to act in accordance of God. It was also amazing and pretty chill that we sang "called to serve" during that meeting.

This week was a rough one though. An illness has been plaguing the MTC and our district got attacked. Elder Glancy, Warner, and Mansfield have been infected and Glancy and Warner both reside in my residence. I really think this sickness spreads from bed to bed... it might have passed by me, but because of pride, I took a picture of me posing in front of a sick passed out Elder Warner and soon after that I fell victim to the cold menace. Once Elder Warner got better, we performed a comp exchange (companion exchange) so Elder Glancy and I could rest and have our immune system actually do something productive.

Our lessons with Marie Luce were coming to an end and our district found out that she is actually named Souer (Sister) Waldren and she would become our next teacher and our investigators from now on will be just Souer Waldren and Frere Adams acting as real people they meet on there missions. Our last lesson with "Marie Luce" was about The Plan of Salvation (where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going) but it was either me being sick or my inadequacies in the French language but I totally forgot what I was going to say... I couldn't make out what I really wanted to say or what my companion Elder Battezzato or Marie Luce was saying. I just felt like I needed bare my testimony (temoinage)on the truthfulness of our message and I really moved both my companion and my investigator.

I'm sorry but I have to end my letter because my time about out, I really miss home but the feeling of being on my mission and at the MTC is a lot more moving and I'd rather be here being sick and having my head about to burst with learning French and feeling the Spirit of God on a regular basis then being home.

"And now as I said concerning faith—faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things; therefore if ye have faith ye hope for things which are not seen, which are true." Alma 32:21

​Au Revior
Elder David Stephens
France Lyon Mission


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