February 18, 2018


1st Area


Elder Paongo

Week 18

Man how time flies. Another week has gone by and it doesn't even seem like it. We had a two day service this week, in which we helped the Como Elders help one of their investigators move houses. When people move they have a lot of stuff that needs to be moved, it is crazy. Last P Day we went to Lesmurdie Falls again. So that was OK.

I gave a talk in Sacrament yesterday on the first vision. The way that I do talks has completely changed while I have been out on my mission. I don't write down everything that I will say, instead I just write down the topics I want to cover and then just go off of that and I will be able to bake up all the time that I need. I was given ten minutes to talk on the first vision, and I took about ten to fifteen with eight bullet points. And, that way is easier than writing out a full talk I think.

During the service we found a pepper plant at the investigators house, and we were talking about what kind of pepper it might be. We were thinking, "Oh, it might be a chile." Well, it wasn't. I just thought, I will just eat one and it can't be that spicy. It was... It was a Carolina Reaper. On the heat scale that is two million scoviles. To put it into perspective, a ghost pepper is one million scoviles. So yeah, I started sweating when I ate that pepper. But, it was "fun" and afterwards I could laugh at it. Elder Hunter said while he was looking at me, "I can't let you be the only one who suffers." And then he ate one as well. Sadly though, we did not get a recording of us eating them.

Gloire Nzanzu, a YSA in our ward, got his mission call this last week. So that was exciting. He is going to the Vanuatu Port Villa Mission. And he leaves May 17th. He is way excited and ready to go.

I have started reading the Book of Mormon again from finishing it last week and have read up to Mosiah again and have found that one of the biggest things that it tells us we must do, is to repent. Repentance is what we have to do and that is all we can do. Then His grace will save us. That is why I think that is a huge part in the Book of Mormon is that admonition and invitation to continually repent.

My spiritual thought for all of you for the week is as follows, "Where fear is, faith can not dwell. Where pure faith is, fear can not prevail." That word fear can also be replaced with doubt. And this statement can help you push through your life knowing that yes the situations you are in may not be ideal, but you can have a better result if you just keep going and build your faith. Faith is the first principle of the Gospel. Through Faith, we can build our lives up to the point were we can rely wholly on Jesus Christ, and we don't have to have any of that doubt or fear for what might happen because we know that whatever happens will be for our experience and for our benefit. See Doctrine and Covenants 122:7

That is all for this week. Next week P Day will be on Wednesday since we will be going to the Temple. So you will all hear from me again next Wednesday.


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