February 27, 2018


1st Area


Elder Paongo

Week 19... I think.

Well. Nothing really much happened this week. There was Stake Conference and we got a new stake presidency. That was pretty cool. We have been tracting, and I don't find it hard to talk to people anymore. Most people I should say. I still have a little bit of trouble, but I probably always will. That is OK though, I have changed an insurmountable amount already. As for what else has happened, we had interviews with President Fife. Those were really good, and I learned a lot, because I asked him some questions that our investigators have had. We have been taking Gloire out with us to do member visits and have been asking him to share a spiritual message to help him prepare for his mission. He is extremely excited and wants to do the work. He has given some really good thoughts and spiritual messages.

That is all that happened this week, so, on to the spiritual thoughts that I have had.
First of all, the worth of souls is so great in the sight of the Lord. He has told us this in Doctrine and Covenants 18. When I read that scripture again, I thought that the one soul it is talking about is yourself. And "how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my father." The him it is talking about, from the perspective I was looking at it through, could be Jesus Christ, for our joy will surely be great with Him since we used His Atonement throughout our lives. That is just the perspective that I had on that scripture at the time I read it.

That is all for this week. Next week I will be emailing on Tuesday since Monday is a public Holiday over here. So, God be with you, til we meet again.

Elder Anderson

Oh yeah, so the Elders from Como were at our flat for exchanges, and when they went out to their car their window had been smashed. Nothing had been taken, but the window was smashed. That really sucked, but that is what our area is like. There are a lot of break ins and that kind of stuff. So here are the pictures for this week.


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