March 18, 2018


2nd area


Elder Angle

Bridgetown or as it also known, Fridgetown

Well, another week has come and gone, and the weeks are just flying by. Elder Angle is pretty cool. We get along really well. The drive from Perth to Manjumup, where our flat is, was five and a half hours. So that was a nice long drive. On the drive down I was told I had a twenty minute talk on Sunday. So that was fun. I got all the topics I wanted to cover written down on the paper, and as we got to church, half an hour away from our flat, I realized I didn't have that paper. So, I had twenty minutes to fill, and no topics written down to talk about. Long story short, I was able to cover all the topics I had on my paper written down, and fill the whole twenty minutes without trouble. So, I have grown quite a bit with talking and giving talks. We had about twenty-five people at church, which was really good. We had a lot of people there for our branch.

We have done service every day that I have been here except for Sunday. So, the service is really good. We helped someone get rid of a lot of the rubbish they had in their yard and that took two days. And then we helped another person in Bridgetown pick up sticks around their property. And they are right on a river, and next to the bridge of Bridgetown. So I have attatched some of those pictures.

We are teaching a man who is deaf. So I am learning a bit of sign language so we are able to communicate with him. His name is Clint, and he came to Sandwhich Sunday yesterday. Sandwhich Sunday is just as it sounds, after church we have sandwhiches. And he really enjoyed coming to Sandwhich Sunday with his children and they want to come back to church. So that was really good.

That is pretty much all that happened this week. So now I will give you my spiritual thoughts for the week.

My first thought is on enduring to the end. What does it mean to endure to the end? It means that we must stay faithful to Him until the end of our mortal lives, and that starts with today. We don't have to struggle through life. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland has told us that we can not be perfect in this life, there was not a person who was perfect save it be Jesus Christ. Yes we are told that we must "be ye therefore perfect." But, in his talk, he adds the word eventually. Perfection is a process, it does not come with one try. We have to live our lives to come closer to Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.

My next thought is on repentance. And Moroni 6:8, which reads "But as oft as they repented and sought forgiveness, with real intent, they were forgiven." And we have to think of that for ourselves as well. We are never beyond forgiveness from the Lord. He is willing to forgive us as longas we are willing to sincerely repent. And we can gain His forgiveness, none of us are perfect, but that is why He gave us the Plan of Redemtion. So that all of us could gain that perfection through Jesus Christ, and we could come back into His presence.

So that was my week this week. Hope you all have a good week, and I would love to hear from you all.


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