March 25, 2018


2nd area


Elder Angle

Another week gone. Does time even exist?

Well, another week has come and gone, and it seems like it has only been a few hours. As far as what has happened, we had exchanges with our district leaders up in Carey Park in Bunbury. Which went really well. I went on exchanges with my brother, Elder Lamositele. (Brother because he was trained by Elder Taylor also) He was just put into this area, so the blind was leading the blind. We were able to see some dolphins in a river and got a couple new potential investigators. So that was good. We also went to the zone leaders flat and attempted to prank them, because they had pranked us. So while we were in the process of pranking them, Elder Angle was caught, and our prank had failed. They then pranked us again. They think it is over, but they have started a war, and we will prank them again when we go up for exchanges week 5.

Zone Conference was really good. So I will put in quite a bit about that. Something that was emphasized was the need for personal effective daily scripture study. Not only done because you are ticking the box, but because you want to do it. Because it fills your spiritual tank for the day and it builds your testimony. Faith is a choice, we have to exercise agency to have faith. If we choose not to believe what we learn in the scriptures then that is our choice. That way we have to continue to grow throughout our lives.

Another topic at zone conference was that of self criticism and not doing it. When you look at yourself and you have negative thoughts about yourself, or your circumstances, then the spirit can not dwell near you or with you. This is because when we are negative, we choose to be negative, and the spirit whispers to us, but we don't listen to it because of our choice to be negative. One thing that we should remember is the fact that we aren't perfect. And that is OK. None of us are or ever will be perfect in this life. That is why we have His Atonement. Through His Atonement, we are able to become clean, and become a more perfect person so that we can dwell in His presence and the presence of the Father for eternity in perfection. In order to keep that positive outlook there are three C's that we should remember, and do our best to follow them. They are Don't Compare yourself to others, don't criticize yourself, and don't complain. Yes life will be hard, and yes it might not seem like it is all worth it. But it will all be worth it in the end.

The last spiritual thought I would like to leave with you this week is the importance of daily scripture study. And not just the study of the scriptures, but also the application of that study. First, the story of Joseph Smith. He was reading in James, chapter on and verse five. What would have happened if he had just read that, and not taken the time to apply it? More than likely, we would not have the restored church on the earth today. The same it is with us if we don't apply what we study, we will not be able to have the personal revelation to get us as close to God as we can become. Yes, reading the scriptures brings us closer to Him, but when we apply the scriptures, we show our faith. I have an analogy that I came up with that I would like to share.

So, applying what you learn is kind of like sky diving. That being the fall is your life, and when you leave the plane it is like birth. The ground is death (not actual death). But when we read the scriptures we gain knowledge which is good. But it is like having the knowledge that the parachute works. That is good, but without applying that knowledge, without pulling the chord to the parachute, we would plummet to the ground. The parachute brings us safely to the ground, or safely home to our Father in Heaven. It is kind of a weird analogy, but in my head it made sense. When we apply what we learn, it applies the parachute so that we can safely come down and leave this with a safe knowledge that we applied what we learned and that we came as close to God as we could. And with that we came closer to Him and did everything we could have done in our life.

That is all from me this week, I love hearing from all of you. Have a good week and I will be back next week.


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