April 2, 2018


2nd area


Elder Angle

Feeding the kangaroos and emus

Well, as it says, we fed kangaroos last week. And emus. The videos and pictures I got are on the camera, and I don't have the chord to attatch it to the computer, so sorry, no pictures this week. Elder Angle was chased by the roos and that was pretty great to watch, he got it all on video first hand on his camera. Man, roos can travel pretty fast. And the emus as well. They were chasing Elder Angle also. They make a weird noise. Kind of like a drum beat.

We also did service this week, and that was pretty good. We were pruning trees for a while and then also cleaned the gutters of her roof.

We also helped Phil on a goat farm this last week. He has got some goats that he needed to move to another farm, so we helped him put up some fence where he is moving them to. And then we led the goats to the other farm. That was pretty fun.

That was pretty much all this week.

My spiritual thoughts this week focus on Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ could have survived the Crucifixion. He could have lived through it. The reason for this is he did not have to die. death comes by sin, and seeing how Jesus Christ had never sinned, he could have kept living. This being stated, the reason He died was becuase it is part of Heavenly Fathers plan. And if He had sinned in any way while He was living, then the death on the cross would have been only a personal death, only for Himself. I am greatful for His desire, and willingness to die for me. I know that He chose to die for all mankind, and that His Atonement is infinite and can save us all. The Saviour is our perfect example of how we should live our lives. He completely delivered His will to the will of His Father. We too must do the same.

From my studies earlier today I found an interesting thought. And it pertained to the idea of God being from "all eternity to all eternity." And yes, He was from all eternity to all eternity. Even if Joseph Smith said He was once a man, he was still from all eternity to all eternity. How can this be so? Well, for an example, I will use Jesus Christ. He is the Jehovah of the Old Testament, and the God of the New Testament. He did not have a tangible body of flesh and bones in the Old Testament, and He did in the New Testament. But He was still the same person. Our intelligence was not created, but rather, organized into something that we could then better use our intelligence to progress. Jesus Christ was still that same intelligence that was Jehovah of the Old Testament. And as He gained a body and continued on through His mortal ministry, He was still who He was in the premortal worlds. And after His ressurection, He remained in existance. Therefore, He is from all eternity to all eternity.

That is all for this week. I hope all of you are doing well. I would love to here from you if you have the time.


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