April 15, 2018


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Well, this week I fixed a bike tyre and we got the zone leaders back. It was great. We had six investigators at church and we are continuing to work hard. Our water heater kind of exploded while we were in Bunbury so we had to get that fixed this week when we got back. It was a little bit frustrating because we had to be at the flat when they fixed it, and the person who came and fixed it didn't come at the time he said he would. But, we now have a working water heater again. We also had a lesson with a former investigator who is now thinking about investigating again. So that is a really good thing. We are going back this week to have another lesson with him.

My thought for you this week is on taking the courage to stand strong. In the world today we are receiving more and more persecution for the things that we believe. And this is how Satan is planning on deceiving so many of us and leading us away from the truth that Jesus Christ has set up. And we have to continually choose to follow Him. And that is what the test of our faith is. We live through this life on faith. So I would just invite each of you to continue living with that faith until you have passed through this life. And if you find a way that you can improve living by faith, I would invite you to excercise that faith and do your best to follow the Lord's will for you.


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