April 22, 2018


2nd area


Elder Tangarasi

Transfer Calls

Well, Elder Angle is leaving and I am getting a new companion. My new companion will be Elder Tangarasi from Vanuatu. We got transfer calls really early this transfer, we got the call on Thursday. Usually we get a call on Sunday night. Other than that, there isn't much news of what has happened down under.

Well, I am going to share my thought for the week with you. The thought I have comes from Mosiah. The tenth chapter and thirteenth verse. In this Zeniff, who left Zarahemla with a group of people, is recounting why the Lamanites have a hatred towards the Nephites. This verse shows two extreme opposites. The verse reads, "...and all this because that Nephi was more faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord- therefore he was favored of the Lord, for the Lord heard his prayers and answered them, and he took lead of their journey in the wilderness." This shows Nephi's character, and also that of Laman and Lemuel. I'll start with Laman and Lemuel. They had the same experiences, or fairly close to in their journeys, as Nephi had, yet they chose to rebel against what they could have become in those situations and they because who they were. They could have repented and chosen to follow Nephi because of his faithfulness and righteousness. But they had a worldly lense on, and would not see how Nephi saw. They only wanted personal gain. Now, Nephi shows a completely different side of the spectrum. He knew that his father was acting on inspiration and was willing to act on the faith that he had and was willing to be faithful and lead his family even when their faith may not have been the best. It brings to mind another scripture in Matthew that basically says that we will be hated for the Saviours sake, but if we endure to the end we will be blessed. Nephi was in tune with the spirit to the point that anything that happened to him he accepted and knew that it would help him. So, my invitation to all of you who actually read this email is to do your best to be more like Nephi. Don't complain so much, and realize that God is in control. He has a plan and is ready to give you strength, as you ask for it and as you live worthy of it.

That is all for this week. I would love to hear from you all.

Take care, and stay faithful.

The pictures are of a rainbow that I was able to get a picture of.


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