December 19, 2017


1st Area


Elder Taylor

Week 9

Today marks the nine week mark. Wow. It doesn't seem like I have been out that long. And Christmas is just around the corner. That being said, I will not be sending an email next week because I will be calling home. So the next time you will hear from me will be in two weeks, January 2nd.

Anyways, this week and a half has flown by. Loty, one of our investigators, has come to church two weeks in a row. She has told us that she is liking the church more and more. We had a baptismal service for one of the eight year old boys in the ward this last week and she attended that. She really liked that Baptism is a choice. I can see the day when she is baptized and is a faithful member of the church. She has started reading from the Book of Mormon and is truly engaged in learning more. Stefen, another one of our investigators, is a really slow process but I think that he will eventually get baptized. He is in his seventies, and is more responsive to an elderly widow in the ward. So we are getting her to teach him more and she is helping do the missionary work for him. Those are really our only investigators that are truly progressing.

My birthday was last week and that was pretty good. We went and worked all day and taught some lessons. After we had finished working, we went to a Mexican place that was pretty good. Everything over here is expensive though. So that is how my birthday went.

Here is a list of my spiritual thoughts for the last week.

Adam and Eve did actually die in the day they partook of the fruit. Because if you think about it, when they were given that, they were still in the Garden of Eden. Which means that they were still on Kolob time, meaning one day was one thousand years. So they did die the day they partook of the the fruit. I just thought that was something interesting.

Unity is the combining of a group of people that have similar ideas and goals to build up that idea or goal. As missionaries, and as groups at home, we should strive to build our unity with the Savior. It means that we must be of "one spirit, and one heart striving to build the faith." otherwise we are just going through the motions. You have to put forth the effort. If you don't put forth the effort you will be moving backwards, and that is not what you want.

"I am a man, and am thy servant, therefore, whatsoever thou desirest which is right, that will I do." -Alma 18:17 We are all God's servants, so why are we trying to do it our own way when God's way is the right way. We should all strive to do whatsoever is right by following the Lord.

We took a couple of missionaries to the airport Monday morning because they were going home. It was good. And I was thinking that as we put all of our thoughts to God's we will see that we can do all things through Him. But it will be in His time and we will have to accept that.

Don't bottle yourself up. You will end up hurting yourself and those around you. If you bottle yourself up, you are basically telling God, "I don't need anyone's help." And that is pride. Which is not a Christlike Attribute. Humility is though. So you should always strive to have humility rather than pride. And the best way to do this is to apply His atonement in your life. As you do so you will come closer to Him and you will see how it applies to you and you will become more humble.

That is all for this week. I will email you all again in two weeks.

Thank you,

Elder Anderson


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