November 27, 2017


1st Area


Elder Taylor

Week Five

Alright, hello again everyone, lovely to be able to talk to all of you again.

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So, it has been a good week, and I am sure you are all wanting to hear from me.

Elder Taylor, my companion, is almost done, after he is done training me he is off home to Brisbane. So yeah, there is that if I hadn't mentioned it before.

So here is what happened this week.
Last Monday was District PDay, we really only hung out and ate food, we didn't really do much. I played chess against some people and won pretty easy. We need to choose to let the spirit testify to out hearts, if we do not choose to let the spirit into our hearts, then we can not learn from the spirit. 2 Nephi 33:1 says that the spirit will bring it unto your heart, you must choose to allow it into your heart.

I was reading in the book of Mosiah, Chapter 20. This is where the people of Limhi want to slay the Lamanite king. I thought, do we likewise try and slay our king, or Savior Jesus Christ? you might ask yourself, "Self, how would I do that?" By not following exactly what He has commanded us to do. Later in that scripture, the people of Limhi would have died if they had killed the king, we likewise will die if we seek to destroy of disvalue Jesus Christ. Spiritually. Do not seek for this. Stay strong in your testimony of Jesus Christ. He is the way. Hymn 251, Behold a Royal Army "Victory, Victory, Victory, Through Jesus Christ the Lord." It is only through Jesus Christ, so why would we even think that we could devalue Him or set Him aside? He is the foundation whereon if you build you will never fall.

We found a potential, and are going to follow up with her next week. Her name was Kendyl. We also visited less active families and it went really well. The young men in the ward love the missionaries. They also like to beat the missionaries, even if it takes all of them to do it. How do you want to be in 5-10 years, do you want to be the same person you are now? Or do you want to improve yourself, if you want to improve, how do you want to improve? You should envision yourself as your own hero in 5-10 years, the perfect example of what you want to become, even "Become as He is."

We did some service in the community and helped at a barbeque for the Aboriginal community. It was really good. We are completely in with the community of Belmont. That is the area I am in is Belmont, we are considered to be staff of the counsel. So yeah, they love the missionaries. Spiritual message of the day, pay your tithing. That is one way you show your faith in Jesus Christ, as well as one way you can build a sure foundation that you will never fall. You will receive blessings, even if they don't seem like blessings at that moment.

We went and met the Iata family, and they fed us. I thought it was interesting, it was an islander meal, they are a Samoan Family. I thought it tasted kind of bland, but other than that it tasted good. Let me just testify that the gifts of the spirit are real. I have learned about 8-10 or more hymns since I have been on my mission just by sight reading them. Don't hide your talents. Show your faith in God and press forward, magnifying that which you have. Continue doing the little things that you know you are supposed to be doing. And you will find that you will get to exaltation.

We are doing the Light the World Campaign pretty heavily over here, and it is a good campaign. If any of you have the opportunity to take part in it I would highly recommend it. We gave out quite a few of the Advent Calendars today. And those we talked to were really willing to do it. Why? Because it isn't about a commercialized Christmas but it is truly about the Spirit of Christmas, and giving. You are an instrument in God's hand, now what does that mean? Have you ever listened to an instrument that is out of tune? It kind of makes you cringe and not want to listen to it. We likewise are like that. If we are not in tune with the spirit, then we are not instruments that are in tune, and as a result people will not want to listen to God's message.

Lastly, Sunday. We had the devotional and it was amazing. President Fife talked about how we need to always press forward, and rely on Christ. If we do not do that, then we are not truly enduring to the end. 2 Nephi 31:20 He related a story from when he was nine years old, and how he walked 30 miles in a day. He endured to the end of it, and afterwards he felt good. We can feel this too. Even though it might not feel like it is worth it right now. It will be. Bishop Cox talked about the lower lights in context of ships. We are to be those lower lights. We are to guide people to the safety of God and the safety of this life. Let the lower lights always be burning, and you may save a life, or many lives.

That is all for this week. I will not be sending out emails until next week on Thursday. Next week we are going to the Temple, so I will not be having PDay until then. You are all great people. Have a good week.

Thank you,
Elder Anderson

PS So here are some pictures, the first one is me, Elder Taylor, Elder Sanford, and Elder Gardener. They are the Port Headland Missionaries and we sent them off at the airport to go up there. The second one is all of us missionaries who came in and our trainers. The last one is our zone at zone conference.
Those are the only really good pictures from this week, I should have more for you next week.


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