November 19, 2017


Australia Perth Mission


Elder Taylor

Week Four

Alright, so this week has been a really good week. It doesn't seem like it has been a full week. Time is going by really quick. We set up a devotional for the 26th of November and it is going to be a pretty good devotional. President Fife is coming to talk at it and it is centered on Missionary work. Last Monday we went to Sister Kelly's house and I liked a saying that was on her wall, "Don't let the past beat you, but teach you." It is a true statement. If you look at the past and don't see it as a lesson to you, but as a hindrance, then you won't learn from it. But you need to learn from those experiences. We did a lot of tracting this week and didn't really find anyone at all. We met maybe one potential investigator. So yeah, it is hard to find people here, but I know that I am here for a reason, and I need to continue to try my hardest to do the Lord's work. If you do not act on what you know you should do, you will never become the person you are supposed to be. Continually grow and change yourself to be the best self you can be and to become more like God in your everyday lives.

If you have any questions on the gospel, then you need to study and find them out on your own. If you don't put forth the effort, how do you expect to get an answer to those questions? Act and read, study, and you will find those answers you seek. We got zone ties for zone conference on Friday. A few sets of Elders made the ties and then we all wore them to zone conference. We have gone around and met quite a few of the members in the ward. I am liking meeting the people and I find that the more I meet people the more comfortable I get with talking to people and the easier it becomes. We as children of God need to do the best we can to build his work. If we do not build the work of God then we are probably bringing it down. So follow the Commandments, do the best you can in order to be the best you can. Today is the day for greatness, so "go and do" and help build up the Kingdom of God. Do not settle for mediocre when you can accomplish a great deal more. Believe in yourself and you will do a lot of great things.

Zone conference was great. President Fife related how Hollywood got one thing right, and that was in Star Wars. It happened when Luke said, "I don't believe it" and Yoda replied by saying, "That is why you fail." So you need to believe that you can do great things, otherwise you will only do what you think you can do and that may not be the best you can do. So push yourself and you will be able to accomplish everything that you want to accomplish. In the role plays we do as a companionship, Elder Taylor says that I am good at getting him to realize what the deeper meaning is and why we are teaching them. I think that is great, but all I am doing is turning everything back to God and not the worldly things. So if you turn it back to God, then people can not reject you, otherwise they reject God. Jacob 6:8 states that. On Saturday we did a service project and painted about 600 meters of fence in 3 hours. It was a lot of paint, and a lot of people. Another great talk is one that talks about acting outside the bounds of your calling. Don't act outside those bounds, or you will get in trouble. Live life how you should and follow God's commandments and you should be good.

Lastly, Sunday was a good day. During Sacrament, a person got up and spoke on the blessings of the Restored Gospel and our claims to legitimacy. We are the true church and the things we claim as our legitimacy are true and people can not reject them. As we live the gospel we can grow so much and people see that in us. We also taught Simon, who is a recent convert. We taught him mainly about Charity and loving and forgiving others. How can we expect those things in us if we don't give those things to others? We also taught how Christ showed these things in His mortal ministry. It was a good lesson and I learned as we taught. We can learn the most if everyone is participating and not just one person teaching. One thing we must always think about is "Why are we living the way we are living? Why are we doing the things we are doing?" I know that for me, I am out serving a mission because I love my Savior, I want to show that love by serving His people and I am doing that here in Australia. I live my life like this because I want to be the best that I can be and build up my fellow man, and show them that they can experience that joy and happiness that I have felt from the knowledge that my Savior loves me.

Sorry for no pictures, I will send a whole bunch of them when I get my email sorted out.

Thank you,

Elder Anderson


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