September 4, 2017


Highland/Highland Central/Highland South stakes


Elder Caldwell

Week #4

Hey everyone!

First of all shout out to Lindsey for the fantastic care package.

Tuesday was the last day in the MTC. We just packed and did laundry really. We took pictures together and overall just had a good last day. We left for the Killpacks at 4:30 and got there at 4:45 hahaha. We had dinner there, quite a few steps up from MTC food. We had an orientation and didn't really do much else.

Wednesday started the real deal. We woke up at 6:30 as usual and me and another elder had to go shower at a neighbor's house, they were the Kirklands hahaha. They were from California and were super sweet. We got our companions today as well. My companions name is Elder Caldwell. He seems super nice. I also got assigned to the Highland/Highland Central/Highland South stakes. We have 27 wards hahaha. ALSO, in my mission are two people from my EFY group from my second year, so that's crazy. The house were staying at is INSANELY NICE!!! It's a members basement but included in the basement is a full gym, movie theater, pool table, ping pong table, Foosball table, indoor basketball court. It's insane. My companion is the district leader so while he was in a meeting I took a nap. We had a dinner appointment with a Hispanic family and we got fed super well. After that we had another meeting and then a lesson with a teenager who's sister is active but is less active. He is big into gaming so I talked to him about it. I'm gonna get him active watch. After that we went to a coordination meeting. Just a lot of meetings.

Thursday we started off with a district meeting. Since we just picked up the Highland stake we have to collaborate on who to teach. After that we went and did service for a member, we had to plant some bushes so it wasn't too bad. After that we tried going and knocking some referrals, none of which opened up. So that stinks. We went to a dinner appointment and then introduced ourselves to some people I hadn't met that we are teaching so it was important. After that we went on splits, I went with a bishop and we went and taught a guy who's son is active but he has had drug issues holding him back. I delivered a message about the doctrine of Christ and it went really well.

Friday we started with service. We helped a nonmember organize her garage for a couple hours. After that we had our weekly planning meeting. Then we headed over for dinner at one of the ward mission leaders house. He is moving out so we helped him move some furniture and ate pizza. We went knocking and couldn't land any of our referrals. Then we went and tried landing a solid referral and we ended up meeting someone completely different. A less active trying to return to activity with a kid that's baptism age. We're super excited about it. Their name is the Grays.

Saturday we started out by planning. We have 10 people at least who we think can be baptized, so we're gonna try and baptize them. We planned a lot that morning and got ready to teach and planned for all those people specifically. A ton of the appointments fell through so that stinks. We searched for a family for like 30 minutes cause a neighborhood they live in has the same address 4 times hahaha. Other then that nothing happened before dinner. Our dinner appointment canceled so we went to cafe Rio. Members are such a blessing here. After dinner we went and taught a less active family with an 8 year old boy who has hardcore ADHD. I don't know how much he got out of it. After the lesson we played soccer with the kids and just got to know them. We then went and taught a guy who is a recent convert. He's had word of wisdom problems in the past, and you can tell. It's sad because he forgets a lot about what we teach because of his past. We went home afterwards and just started making plans for next week and district meeting goals.

Sunday started with a meeting. After that we were talking to a member about scheduling a meeting and after we finished I turned around and saw the best EFY teacher ever... SISTER ARMSTRONG!!! We talked for a little and scheduled an appointment for dinner on the 11th so I'm super excited for that. After that we went to a gospel principles class all about the gifts of the spirit. We went to a sacrament meeting after that and the bishops wife came up to me and asked me if I knew the Heningers. Their daughter is married to Jake hahaha, Small world! We attended another sacrament meeting after that and introduced ourselves to the bishop because the ward is part of the stake we picked up. We had 4 lessons planned for the day but 3 of them canceled. We then went to an appointment with the Andersen family. They're all less active and one of the sisters is returning to activity. The boy is named Taran and he wants to learn for himself if its true or not and not be told. He is a big time league of legends player, so we get along and he never came to lessons until I showed up and started talking to the family (God works in mysterious ways). We talked about Alma 32:21,26-43 and committed him to start reading the Book of Mormon and we would read along with him. I'm super excited to get him active again. Our dinner appointment canceled so we went back to the apartment and ate ramen and pizza. After that we had a meeting with a ward mission leader and then had desert.

To kinda out in perspective, 6 weeks ago this area had 3 lessons a week, we've had 11 since Wednesday hahaha. Thanks again to anyone who actually reads the whole email, you're the best hahaha. Love you all and thank you for your prayers and support.

Elder Dalton McKinnon Kirkland
612 W 100 S
Lindon UT 84042 United States


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