August 22, 2017


Provo Missionary Training Center


Elder Argyle

Week #2

Hey everyone!
First off, big shout-out to Aunt Patti and Uncle Juan for a care package and also to Chris and Erin. You guys are lifesavers thank you so much!

P(plan and prepare) day (Tuesday) was rad. We got to email and do our laundry. So that was good. We hung out and just had fun. We played some basketball and I hurt my knee but gotta keep pressing forward. We went and played football but they closed the shed to get equipment so we used a shoe for a ball. After that we had a devotional from Neil L. Anderson. My favorite thing he said was "through tirelessly seeking, vigorously searching, and striving to be obedient, we can work miracles." I got to shake his hand afterward, he walked around the gym and shook a bunch of hands, he was amazing and the spirit was so strong.

On Wednesday new elders arrive so it gets packed again. We had around 2,000 now we have 3,000. So that stinks, lines are gonna be long again. I played basketball and someone hit my same knee again. My friend thinks I have a bone bruise so that stinks. We had a super great lesson with one investigator and she's super close to committing to baptism and I felt the spirit talking through me and it was just amazing. Then we had the second investigator. It went terribly. He was a devout Catholic and everything we said didn't make sense to him cause they had "the same thing in the Catholic church." It was just hard to teach and I couldn't feel the spirit at all.

Thursday was really relaxed. During exercise time,I didn't hit my knee again so that's good. A guy tried to beat my boy Elder Greer's vertical jump but only got 35" (Tyler's is 36.7). Then we went and got haircuts I during our free time. Then we had our first class of the day. Sister Bryan is the best so the class was great. Our second class was good. Our investigator was tough and the lesson was good but she still had important questions.

Friday we had to do service, it wasn't that hard but just took forever. We had a two TRC's(a TRC is someone who comes to the MissionaryTrainingCenter) as a volunteer to get taught, the first one, we taught about the plan of salvation and she was super receptive. You could see her testimony grow. After that we had our harder TRC. He was asking a lot of good questions about why should he trust Joseph Smith over a super established and old church. I bore a super strong testimony about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was powerful and definitely not my words. That night we had a zone scripture read and a mini testimony meeting. It didn't get much support in theory but ended up getting like 20 elders. It was super awesome and the spirit was super strong. After that me and my 4-5 closest friends here had another testimony meeting and we're all fasting for each other on Sunday.

Saturday was cool. We had an early morning class and that was hard. We were all super tired. After that we had TRC & we killed it. She committed to baptism on September 16th. I hope she's a nonmember and keeps that commitment. Our second class was good but sister Bryan accused me of messing around, I wasn't so that was upsetting. Our second TRC he committed to meeting with the missionaries and learning more and trying to get baptized. After that all we did was play basketball and hang out.

Sunday was good. Me and some of the guys in my district fasted for one of the elders because he was having trouble forgiving himself for something. It was hard because we couldn't nap, but we got through it. Kenneth Cope was the devotional. It was good, lots of singing. After that we went to a video by Elder Bednar about listening to promptings of the spirit.

Monday was cool. We had the solar eclipse cross over the MTC, it was at 89.5% total coverage. I got a picture, you'll have to zoom in a little to see but it was rad. Our TRC's during the eclipse didn't show up. We had a class after with Sister Bryan. I felt really gross and it wasn't good. Then we just had another class then finished up the day. We had some wrestling matches because a district in our zone was leaving and we sang "Ye Elders of Israel". We sing it when people are leaving cause it's a dope song.
Anyways, I love y'all tons. Thanks for reading.

Photo#1 viewing the eclipse through my special glasses
Photo#2 is the close group of guys in our district. Me, Elder Clem (guy next to me), Elder Jones (guy next to Clem), and Elder Mask (guy on the far right end) are the closest. They're all great and already family to me.

Elder Dalton McKinnon Kirkland
2005 N 900 E Unit 71
Provo UT 84602


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