August 15, 2017


Provo Missionary Training Center


Elder Argyle

Week #1

Hi everyone! This is the first real email from the mission. The MTC has been fun. I already have a tight group of friends. A bunch are leaving for the field this week, so that kinda sucks but it's also great. Also Elder Clem, Elder Mask, and Elder Jones. Super cool guys, NONE OFF WHICH ARE SERVING IN OREM!

Tuesday me and my mom went to the Salt Lake temple. It was the single most beautiful building I've ever been in. Everything was so beautiful and breathtaking it was hard to take it all in. Crazy to think about how the places for the air conditioning and elevators to go were left clear when the temple was built in the 1800's before these things were even invented. Divine revelation was definitely at work. After that we went around Salt Lake and looked at the old architecture. This city is amazing. Then we went by Mr Mac and grabbed some last minute stuff for the mission.

Wednesday we woke up and finished packing, then we went to cafe Rio beforeI got dropped off at the MTC. Once I arrived I got my nametag and we dived right in to classes and devotionals. We ended up group teaching three investigators first day which was crazy! My companion Elder Argyle is alright. He's a little odd but God loves him so I should too. We had a devotional that was great and then went to bed.

Thursday was craziness! Started out the day reading the Book of Mormon. I'm super happy I'm in Alma 17 which starts off my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. I love Ammon and the example he is. Then we had our first lesson with an investigator as a companionship. It did not go easily. He had lots of questions that didn't have answers except "pray and find out" but he asked again and again. Then to finish off the night, me and my companion were called as the ZONE LEADERS! That was insane. We're training this week and we start next week.

Friday was rough. We had our fist exercise time. Elder Greer you still good the record for vertical jump. After that we prepared for the investigator. It went bad I think. It put me in a negative mood for the rest of the day.

I had a great Saturday. We had our last PI meeting. It went great and then my companion tried to teach the plan of salvation in 1 minute so that wasn't great. He gave us feedback and said that we did great UNTIL the plan of salvation. We had a great day as a zone and chilled and played games and just enjoyed our company. We play around a lot but can still invite the spirit when we need to. Basketball was fun, apparently I traveled but I don't believe it. We went back to the floor and played baseball with a plunger and a tennis ball. I got rug burn from sliding so that sucks.

Sunday was good. We had sacrament meeting in our building. Gotta admit staying awake was a challenge. The room was the perfect temperature for napping and the speakers had voices like general authorities. After that we had some lessons that were great. Foods still not great. We had a devotional from M. Russell Ballard! It was super cool. Afterward we watched a video by Elder Bednar about the character of Christ. It was killer, probably one of my favorite Bednar talks.

Monday was great. We taught our first trc, The lesson went really great. She was super receptive of everything and she asked tons of questions which made it great. We had a class that was lots of fun. Our teacher sister Bryan is awesome, she always gets us so engaged. Our second lesson was so difficult. She had no faith in God, we had 10 minutes to prepare, and she had no questions. After that we came back and said goodbye to the elders leaving. We played some more baseball which was fun.

Thanks for reading y'all!!! Love you all!


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