December 15, 2014




Elder Carrion

All the meetings start late!

Hola Familia!

¿Cómo andan? Im doing pretty good here in argentina! this week was a pretty good week. we didnt really do very much stuff this week. we had the ward christmas party which was a little bit crazy. it was sopossed to start at 8 at night so we got to the church at 8 and nobody was there! haha it didnt start until 10! it was 2 hours late.. that how everything is in argentina haha! all the meetings start late. but the party was pretty fun. My companion and i sang a song and my companion played the guitar. then we ate a lot of food and then we had a nativity act thing. i was one of the 3 kings! it was really funny. this week my companion and i had a lot of funny stories, like one day we were on a bus full of people standing in the middle and the get off you have to go to the back and press a button and then the bus stops and you get off. i was standing by the door and pushed the button to get off and i got off and my companion wasnt paying attention and there was too much poeple in the way so he stayed on the bus while i got off! it was funny and he only went a little bit more down the road. But today we had transfers so i have a new companion but im still in the same area. my companion is elder johnson from oregon. he is very sick and we had to go to the hospital today and he cant really work much so i think we will be in the pension alot.. but thats ok i just hope he gets better quick! we had a new investigator go to church yesterday! its a friend of one of the girls that just got baptised and she said she liked the church alot! well thats all that happened this week with me! Yeah we can skype! Im not sure what time but i think i can call you before to set up the time and stuff. next monday we have a big mission conference all day for christmas so im not sure if i will be emailing that day or not but i will call you to set up the time for sure. I hope everyone has a great week! I love you guys!

Elder Hansen


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