January 19, 2015




Elder Carrion

Mini Missionary!

Hola Familia!
This week was pretty good! its still really hot but it rained this week so its ok.
Im still with the the mini missionary! he is 19 and doing the papers to go on his mission and he has nothing else to do so there is no problem with all the time he has to be with me:) Its pretty fun but its hard because i have such little time in the mission and im the senior companion. usually after a year you become senior companion but its ok! We found a really cool person this week to teach! it was a reference from a memeber! The member said that she sells sandwhiches so one night we went to contact her and buy some sandwhiches! She was so surprised the her friend had sent us but she wanted to talk to us and she is pretty cool! we set up a time to visit with her on saturday. we went and she had a lot of questions of why we are here in the earth woth a ton of bad things happening. we did are best to answer her questions and invited her to church and she went! that was pretty cool! yesterday was one of my favorite sundays in the mission. I gave a talk because they didnt have anyone to talk in church haha!! and we had 3 investigators who went to church and that was pretty cool! So that was the highlight of the week! i had an exchangxe with the zone lider this week and that was good! he helped me out alot with the area! After this week i should have a new companion because we have transfers next week! so i will have a normal companion. I got the email from grandma and grandpa you sent me! tell them im doing good! I just take the money out and keep it with me in the pension because some times there is no money in the banks.. so i just keep for emergencies. i hope everyone is doing good! I love you guys and have a great week!

Elder hansen


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