January 26, 2015




Elder Carrion

Villa Dolores!

Hola Familia!

This week was pretty good! we found a lot of new investigators but it doesnt really matter now because i changed areas! haha! I am in a little town called Villa Dolores! which means town of pains haha! I dont know why it is called that.. but its pretty cool here! its pretty and there is lots of green and mountains. I just got here today! i had to take a bus ride for like 5 hours this morning.. that wasnt too bad because the seats in the bus leaned all the back and i sat by myself. My new companion is elder fernandez from peru! he has one year in the mission and he is pretty cool! There are 4 missionaries in the pension and we have bikes! thats one thing that i like is that we have bikes! But i had a good last week in my area. we found a family who the father died a week ago. We taught them about th eplan of salvation and when the hermana found out that the spirit continues to live after death she started to cry. she liked it alot! they said they were going to go to church yesterday but they didnt go. I think the new missionaries in that area are going to baptize them! It was weird to leave my first area and i was a little bit sad but 6 months is long enough in one area haha. I said good bye to the converts and that was really sad but we are making plans to go to the temple when they finish the temple in may! so that was my weeka and my new area! i will tell you more about my new area next week when i find out more because i only have been here for like 2 hours haha! Pero estoy bien y estoy feliz! Espero que estén bien y tengan un buen día! Hasta la próximo semana! les quiero mucho!

Elder Hansen


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