February 2, 2015




Elder Carrion

We taught her the restoration!

Hola Familia!!

Wow it was already the super bowel! Im glad the seahawks lost! This week was pretty good! I love my new area! its really pretty here! its all fields and mountains and its really cool! Its probably one of the most beautiful places i have ever been! We have some investigators that we invited to be baptized this week. one of them is guadalupe who is ten years old and is very inteligent. She said she has a probablem that she doesnt know what church is true. we taught her the restoration and she said she wants to be baptized in this church! That was pretty cool! There is another hermana that we visited who said she always listens to the missionaries and the jehovahs whitnesses but wants to stay catholic, but we taught her about the plan of salvation because her husband died and she changed all her feelings and was more receptive of the church. she said she was going to go to the church yesterday but didnt go.. but we are going to go back and visit her. There is an old man that we contacted one day and he said he had never let anyother people from a different church in his house but he let us in. his wife is really sick and we told him that we could help her. we gave her a blessing and the guy really liked it. Those were some of the cool experiences that i had this week. I really like my area and my companion is really cool too. He is a convert of 2 years and he is the only member in his family. He went on the mission alone and had to sell everyhting he had to get the money to go on his mission. I hope you guys are all doing well! les amo todos! Que tengan un buen semana!

Elder Hansen


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