March 16, 2015




Elder Carrion

My new companion is really cool!

Hola familia!!

Well my week was pretty good! My new companion is really cool! he is from santiago chile! he has 4 and a half months in the mission so i have more time than him in the mission. he is a really good missionary and we get a long really good! This week we had some stuggles at first! In this area we ride bikes and my companion hasnt riden a bike in years so he couldnt do it the first day. so the next morning we went out and practiced early and then he got good at riding and during the week he got better too. so now there is no more dificulties for him to ride the bike! on wednesday we found 5 new investigaters! One of them is a jehova whitness! haha he let us in his house to talk to him and he said he would read the book of mormon! that was pretty cool because the JW are really closed when it comes to the mormons! they are like our rivals or something! Haha but he wanted to eat lunch with us and everything so we are going to go back and eat lunch with him and teach him more about the church! Another guy accepted the book of mormon and started reading it and says he really likes it and wants to talk to us more. with all these frive people we set up an appointment for thusday or saturday, but we couldnt make it to any of the appointments because the president of the mission called and said we have to go to rio cuarto right away. we had to go to rio cuarto to have an interview with the president. We have interviews with him every few months and this was the turn for my zone to have our interviews. That was pretty good but we had to leave thursday so we couldnt work that day and then friday we were there all day and the president didnt get there until 6:30 at night so we had to go back saturday in the morning. So that was three days of the week that we couldnt work. But thats ok! we had a goal as a zone to find 60 new investigators and we found more than 60 so thats good! Yesterday i gave a talk in church again and we had a baptism! but it was from the other elders. there are 4 of us in the same area because it is huge and the other elders had a baptism! But we all go to the same branch. Im glad everyone is doing good! Wow they left me a $1000?? thats 10,000 pesos here! You can just put that in my account and i will be good for the rest of my mission! or is it to help you guys pay for my mission? I email them every week! i think one week i didnt because there wasnt a message from them so i forgot. I love you guys! i hope you have a great week!

Elder Hansen


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