February 16, 2015




Elder Carrion

God loves us and wants us to grow!

Hola Familia!!

Thanks for sendind me the email from brother ferrin. I couldnt read it all because i started to cry so im going to print it off and read it. Its weird to think about people that you are close passing away. But being on my mission i have learned and understood so much about our heavenly father and jesus christ and their love for everyone. They wouldnt let these things happen if it wasnt for a purpose to help us in our lives. Heavenly father has a plan for everyone of his children and its a plan where everyone can have happiness and grow to our greatest potential. Everyday people ask me why God lets bad things happen to good people or why we have to go through hard times in the earth. I have had a lot of time to study about this in the scriptures to answer the people. and the answer i always give is because God loves us and wants us to grow. We have trials in our lives so that we can be a better person. Its one of the hardest things to answer when there is a sister who has gone through everything possible and wants to know why and to tell her because heavenly father loves her. We all have to remember its not why are these things happening but for what are these things happening or what do i have to learn from this. There is always something to learn from all of our trials. I want to bare my testimony to you that i know that our heavenly father loves us and that he has a plan and a reason for why everything happens in our lives. I know that jesus christ suffered for everything that happenes in our lives so that he know exactly how we feel so that we are never alone in our trials. There is a reason why these things happen and we need to search for the reason and learn from it. I share my testimony in the name of jesus christ amen.

Well now about my week! It was a good week but it was hard too! we dont have very many investigaters right now and we are looking hard for new ones. we found a new part of our area that has a lot of cool people and we have been working there this week. My area is huge so we find a new place everyday! I always likes going to the places that are far down a dirt road or that has a hard bike ride up the hill because i feel like we will find people in places that others might not want to go. we found a couple families this week that we feel like will progress in the church and that can be baptized. But I am having fun in the mission! My comanion is really cool and we are bestfriends and everything. We are trying everyday to be better and work hard to find the lords chosen people.

I hope dad is doing ok and that the operation goes good if he has to do it this week! I will be praying for that this week! I love you guys!

Elder Hansen


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