March 2, 2015




Elder Carrion

Had to change houses!

Hola Familia!

Im glad to here that everything is going good and that dads surgery went good! about the bank card, i have no way of calling and asking and no time to find out what that is.. I need this bank card i have right now to work and i dont need that other card.. I will try to take money out today to see if it work or not.

This week was very interesting and something really funny happened! So one of the elders that live in the pension with started talking to the neighbors who are 2 girls like 25 years old. they were always there outside when the other elders got home and they just asked about the church and stuff. haha well one morning we got a note under the door from one of the girls! it was for a elder and it said his frist name and everything! (dont worry it wasnt for me!). But it said stuff like i would fall in love with you and i would convert for you and all things like that! hahaha i couldnt stop laughing! We called the president of the mission and told him and he started laughing too and said that if she said she will do whatever it takes to be converted that we should baptize her! haha. it was really funny! But we had to change house so now we live in a different place! our new house is really cool! it use to be a hotel so its really nice! Haha we got that note and 2 days latter we live in a different house so i thought that was pretty funny!

Other than that my week was pretty good! We found some new investigators that said they would go to church this weekend but it rained alot and very few people went to church. There was one less active member that we have been working with that went to church and that was pretty cool! Its been really rainy here but it only really rains at night and during the day it doesnt really rain. but right now its cleared up and is better. I didnt mind the rain because it made it cooler and it wasnt so hot! Right its starting to get a little bit cooler out side. Its weird because the school is just started today so its all backwards here!

I tried to send pictures but it doesnt work on this computer. its just makes the computer freeze! I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all and miss you guys!

Elder Hansen


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