March 9, 2015




Elder Carrion

I learned a lot from Zone Conference!

Hola Familia!
This week was pretty good! we had to travel 8 hours again this week. every other week we have had an 8 hour trip to take. we went to a zone meeting in rio cuarto. that was pretty good, i learned alot from the zone leaders. the other days of the week were pretty good too! On thusday we passed by some kids playing basketball and i decided to go play with them for a few minuets. I went and played in my missionary clothes and that was pretty funny. I went to play with them so that we could make friends and then baptize them all. After like 2 minuets of playing i rolled my ankle really bad haha.. but i kept playing anyway and i dunked on the other team. but the hoop was really short. We told them we can play on mondays better and we got their phone number to set up a time to play. After that we didnt have a lot of time left in the day and our next appointment wasnt there. My companion wanted to go visit a member that was close but i felt like we should contact the street we were on. So we started contacting and the first house we contacted was a man that was really cool. he said he believed in all the religions and all the religious books there are. But he said he has never read the book of mormon. he accepted a book of mormon and said we can come back an other day to talk about it. Today we are going to go there and see what he thinks. We also ended the transfers this week! Today i get a new companion! his name is elder carrion from chile i think. he hasnt gotten to the area yet so i dont know him but they say he is from chile!
My card does work still!
Im glad everyone is doing good! I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Hansen


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