November 17, 2014




Elder Bates

Crazy Week

Hola familia!

Well this week was crazy!! A lot of things happened good and some not so good. We were praying and fasting all week to have a baptism this week. Everything was going good and Susana and her two daughters were really excited to be baptized. One of the daughters was a little unsure at first but we left her something to read and pray about to find out if she needs to be baptized. She read it and prayed and Friday night she said she wants to be baptized for sure. Saturday we were preparing for the baptism all day to make sure everything was ready. 30 minutes before the baptism Susana called and said she isn't coming to the baptism. She said she was all ready to go and had she stuff packed and about to leave when a friend came and said some stuff against the church and she got scared. My companion went to her house with a member to talk to her and I stayed at the church with all the members waiting. We waited for a long time but Susana didn't want to do it that day. She realized yesterday that she needs to be baptized so she will be baptized Sunday I think! Then I was a little bit sick all week so that was fun but I feel better now. I'm glad to hear everything is going good there! Tell Janine I said happy birthday! Thanks for the pictures of my baptism! Everything is going good here! My Spanish is getting better. I hope you have a great week and I love you guys!

Elder Hansen


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